Skinny Girl in Transit S6E6 – Dinner is Served

Skinny Girl in Transit S6E6 – Dinner is Served

Shalewa can’t remember how she wound up in a stranger’s bed, and AY gets himself into trouble. Didi decides to go on a date with Editi….


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  1. `Taxi we ordered it’🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. I think I will forget you at the police station😂💀

  3. We haven’t seen folake since season 1 ohh
    Is she still in baby heaven in America since season 1

  4. I think Tiwaa doesn’t really trust Mide as much as he does

  5. Tiwa thinks we are gossips now oo…she doesn't share her thoughts with us anymore

  6. I noticed Tiwa is very easy to manipulate,imagine the lady
    Talking about her baby and how
    She doesn't advise her to have one
    Now she's started to let the words get to her……nor be person like me sha,with this kind of dream man and a good job,what else do I need if not children

  7. Knowing that Shalewa is going through a breakup,the friend should have been responsible for staying sober and making sure her friend gets home safe.

  8. Who else is having Life of a Nigerian Couple vibes?

  9. The way Mohammed is saying this baby 😅

  10. Tito please stop talking about Mohammed.
    What the hell is wrong with you? Shalewa needs to move on.

  11. Abeg this Tito character should be coming and going

  12. Hai laugh wan kee me for ay scene

  13. Abeggg…yalll.should.srop bashing ay…his character is funny abeg

  14. Imagine aunty Dupe cried real tears for this boy and adopted him and THIS is what he does??? I’m sad for her and for him

  15. I don’t get, how did Aunty Dupe adopt a 22 year old? 🤨

  16. I can't believe Shalewa was finding it funny that Tito left her with a stranger.
    If I was Shalewa I'd be super mad, no matter how much drunk I was, don't dear do that. What if he was bad news? ahh! 😳

  17. Shalewas wigs 😘😘😘😘😘

  18. shalewanew freind abi i will slap you what is it briging mouhamed problem everytime that shalewa is happy and smilling damn shut up

  19. I really don't understand why this AY boy is stealing 🙄

  20. Salewa : " we're on a train that's heading no where ,and honestly this is my last stop" 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

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