Siya Xuza is a South African Rocket Scientist

Siya Xuza is a South African Rocket Scientist

Siyabulela Xuza is one of the new young generation of Africans who are committed to developing…


  1. Andsena jelly, this guy is living my dream😑

  2. How do he do it I really wanna be like him

  3. Can someone teach mike clarke to use teach not learn

  4. Stop the nonsense, stop these stupid starange videos about African Americans or blacks in general. This is racist and demeaning.

  5. Much love to all the African and African american trailblazers.

  6. I love it! Vuka Mntomunyama!!!

  7. Wtf…. Rock it fool….what bunkem! Hahaha

  8. Siya! – way to go, you are such an inspiration!!! Very impressed by your innovation and hunger for success!

  9. Siya was at our conference yesterday 12 November 2014 – words honestly cannot describe the feeling of listening to this young man.  Reman humble Siya – you will go places!!

  10. Can someone learn her how to properly pronounce African phrases please. She's lived in the country her entire life, you'd think she'd know better than us foreigners. My pronunciation is on par with hers and I arrived in that country in my mid 20's. Mr. Siya I met you during your inspirational talks at MIT and I have to say your passion and dedication blew me away. Go Africa!

  11. Just met him today. OMW, amazing guy. Soo inspiring. 🙂 

  12. Siya is inspiration for anyone involved in education…the ability to teach is underpinned by the belief that talent exists everywhere / anywhere – awaiting ignition.

  13. an absolute honor in having Siya at our work conference

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