Singaporean Women: Does Size Matter?

Singaporean Women: Does Size Matter?

What are the measurements of the PERFECT penis? Singaporean women admit to whether it’s the…


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  1. They don’t call me “Donkey Dan” for nothing!

  2. I’m hung like a peanut and my wife squirts

  3. Well, it sad because if they were virgins, it really wouldn't matter the size, she would be satisfied with his size. It's the ones who get more D than a pin cush who wants a certain size because now her vagina has been stretch to different lengths and thickness and now, she no longer satisfied, except for the one that can fill her stretch hole up.

  4. All singaporian girls love a big sausage.

  5. Love it when woman give their judgments like they are Gods gift to men …. – these girls should be lucky they are getting D***

  6. Always thought a lady would rather be tickled to death rather than stabbed to death…
    Had a few women giggle, but none that got up and left…

  7. I wonder how many men on this video compare their iphone and 🖊️ sizes

  8. I’m very satisfied with the 7” inches member that I got, it’s beautiful, mi cabezon…

  9. I'm 7.5"x6" I would rip everyone of these shallow women to bits !

  10. Women compromise just like men in relationships. Have you seen the husband boyfriend penis size vs one night stand size preference .. most are ok with a smallish husband / boyfriend but preferer a bigger one when they really want to enjoy sex .. think about that .. if they have regular access to a big one they will use it .. or there wouldn't have been a distinction

  11. Cute girls cute video .. cute (turn on) when women talking about sex is always fun ..

    LOL I pulled my phone out also .. :) The iphone promax test is pretty cool also, kinda like the bathroom tissue test .. because women are not measuring men these are real examples for comparison length and girth ,,

    So if your penis gets stuck trying to go into a toilet tissue role that's minimum good girth .. then the Iphone pro max is simple also (but better if it's the diagonal measurement) for minimum length ..

    Either way have fun .. and accept that size matters

  12. They super silly well I love my 8 inches… I have hurt women where they tell me don’t put it all in.. etc it’s all good though

    Much Love to all!!! Stay Blessed Everyone!!

  13. "ha small dick" the way she said it 😂

  14. Just booked a flight ticket to Singapore cuz it's the best place to visit💪

  15. Wallet must be 3" thick. Then very good pleasure.

  16. The age old question , the simple answer is has anyone ever seen a woman with a 5 inch sex toy. !

  17. I thing these girls are realistic in what they want. love this video

  18. Truth..Big & Long has Be a winners for it🏆😂🤣👍

  19. iphone pro…max??? what was she toking about…i hope its length (height of phone)….

  20. I'm only 11 inches long,and 8 inches around,guess that's adequate

  21. My heart shattered after watching 😢 this video like it’s god who created us like what are we supposed to do

  22. every girl ive been with has told me its big, im 6 measured from the top, 7 measured from the center of my b*lls, are they lying to me?

  23. Those videos really brought me tears 😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

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