Shola Akinlade, CEO of Paystack modernises how you move money

Shola Akinlade, CEO of Paystack modernises how you move money


  1. Good evening sir,they take my money around 3:40 and the money is 20,929 sir I want pay someone with money but you removed my money for my account icredit so from this paystock so they that if login money will refund the money but after now no results

  2. Watching in 2022. Paystack is awesome!!

  3. So much energy ⚡ ❤️

  4. If we solve all the problems ourself we solve it better! That's The word I need to run with for 2021.

  5. He worked with Nigeria Breweries😍😍😍

  6. Yes o! Alhaji needs to upgrade. I'm tired of withdrawing cash. 👏🏾 Kudos to these folks for making things happen…there really are a lot of problems in Nigeria.

  7. His communication and people skills is on point. Awesome guy.

  8. I was actually looking to integrate Mobile Money Payment Gateway on my platform here in Ghana, since Stripe and PayPal are not compliant that was when I discovered PayStack. I love you Guys

  9. Dude is conversing at a level higher than his listeners tho

  10. It’s not theirs anymore, it’s been bought by stripe!!😭😭

  11. So inspiring…2years later his company was bought by Stripes! God is great!

  12. first video I've seen with 0 dislikes😂

  13. I love your Innovation KUP…😉

  14. Watching in 2020. (The Age of Corona Virus)

  15. Great show. Good work Nigeria

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