Shane Eagle Speaks On Spirituality & His New Management

Shane Eagle Speaks On Spirituality & His New Management

The streets have been calling and crying out for Shane Eagle for come out and say something. Yes, the Eagle has been giving us endless music as well as the music videos to complement it, but yo, homeboy has been in quarantine even before…


  1. Empty highways is also my favorite track

  2. Bruh those WERE dream features

  3. Dark Moon Flower is definite fire🔥🔥🔥

  4. Big up Shane Eagle, awesomeness 💯

  5. Slikour its 2020 stop using that big Mic to interview people 😑 please buy those Mic's that people can clip on their clothes man cz you look crazy going bk to back with that 1987 mic.

  6. S/O to Shane, R.IP to your Pops bro ,Keep your head up my Nigga ,He a Rappers Rapper ,,Him living his 1st management deal, I dont think that was a great move because its gonna effect his creativity if he has to carry all that management skills by himself ,Oh and Shane use to diss Niggas with Grills and now the Nigga has grills in his mouth lol ,Check me out ,Subscrbe , Tell a friend ,

  7. Regardless of the fact that there were people there walking around, Shane seemed like he didn't want to do the interview… Constantly looking around and not really paying attention. 😒

  8. y does he keep saying album?

  9. Yellow is Best for real no cap !!

  10. energy xen shout out to shane straight outa zim….zimbabwe approves

  11. Slikour… ntwana… syabonga, no pun intended…like dots are connecting on these cats that you do follow up interviews…tha…!

  12. ''storytime'' is the best track on the album

  13. Yellow helped me not to give up

  14. aint said nothing bout nu management,or am i trippin?

  15. Why keep referring to Yellow thou king?

  16. Slikour lives and breathes SA Hip Hop!

  17. Finally. I dig how he said he's now friends with homies whos grand parents were friends with his. Makes me think, maybe I should dig deeper and go find my old homies, as in really old homies.

  18. Where's Shooter? Where's Sachin? No Eagle ENT without them

  19. SA hip hop on defferent picture
    I'm inspired

  20. Man… sliq just buy 2 mikes bro, great content always tho👌🏽

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