SEYCHELLES l 9 Travel Tips // Travel tips// Episode 1 ll South African YouTubers

SEYCHELLES l 9 Travel Tips // Travel tips// Episode 1 ll South African YouTubers

Check out our video to see what our TOP TIPS are when traveling to the SEYCHELLES.
We went to…


  1. hello lovely couple!! Twas a fun adventure! Thanks a lot for the tips 🙂 And you guys are so sweet!! love watching you both! Stay inlove.

  2. New subbie here 👋🏾 I genuinely love your content. 💕💕

  3. wow – great video – we want to go to the Seychelles in the near future so I think your tips come handy to us. Thanks again. 🙂

  4. Nice video (watched your intro video too, great!)… Very personal and connects with your audience. Keep up the great work… I subscribed and look forward to following more!

  5. Was the cloudy photos taken in December or in May?

  6. Stumbled upon your channel on Faith Blanaqe Pineda comment section. Love meeting other travel couples from around the world ☺️ Loved this video, we would love to visit Seychelles! It will take a lot of planning for us since we are far far away in California! So your tips are very handy!

  7. very helpful. the island is so beautiful. stunning views!

  8. Lovely! Nice content and the Seychelles is beautiful! You have a new subscriber! 😊👌🏻

  9. Dear Being Bedingfield! By a chance we found your beautiful and inspiring channel and subscribed! This is an enchanting and an amazing video, about 9 travel tips when travelling to Seychelles! Very informative! Fantastic and spectacular locations! You indeed had a a great time and a lot of experiences! You are a very lovable and cute couple! Thanks for this great experience! Thumbs up! We also love creativity, including photographing, composing music and video editing. As an introduction to our works and to give some special experience we recommend you two special videos, the first one is music inspired by the spectacular nature, with my piano sound composition combined with Alexandra's nature photos, edited in a slide -show: the other one is Alexandra’s dreamy, ambient composition, with her special video edition: With friendly regards and kind wishes, Alex and Alexandra

  10. nice job. i became your friend can you be my yt friend too🌹✋

  11. one of my holiday destination bucket list. LOvely videos, photos.

  12. 😍WOW! Beautiful islands! and the street food looked amazing.We could just stay at 9:27 the whole time lol

  13. Thanks for the tips to travel into a very interesting and beautiful place, great job

  14. Seychelles is my dream vacation place!lovely!

  15. This is one of the places I wanted to visit one day so beautiful

  16. Good start. Nice video. Keep it up. Link me up at my channel and lets grow together

  17. Really valuable tips! Never been to even African continent yet, it is one of my dreams and if I happen to visit this place I will watch the video again 🙂

  18. the picture of you walking on the beach away from the camera is lovely even in rain 🙂 And I know exactly what you mean about feeling guilty when sat in place, I'm same 😀

  19. How beautiful does this place look! Great video guys! I'm not sure if it is just my computer, but we couldnt hear the audio of you guys talking at the start of the video.

    Seychelles looks totally beautiful though. Dreaming of a beautiful beach to swim in while we are stuck here in forced hotel isolation in Darwin!

    Thanks so sharing!

  20. I love to watch you both. I love seeing both of you enjoying each other's company while discovering places and people.

  21. Hey! These are great tips (and good video idea for the current times). I like the idea of renting a car – it's always more fun to find those secluded beaches and make your own adventure 👌

  22. Sweet lovely couple…new fwend here,showing genuine love and support hope you can do the same thanks god bless

  23. These are awesome tips! I really want to visit Seychelles after the lockdown is over. Great video 🙂

  24. You guys are getting some good steady growth. Great job! Seychelles does look fantastic.

  25. Oh man! What we would do to be on this beach rn! Looks incredible guys!

  26. This looks amazing !!! 😍😍

  27. Wow amazing editing and content I love traveling as well I am so glad I came across your channel thank you for coming to my channel 🚒 your welcome anytime to grow with my channel .thank you for this amazing video I enjoyed it .

  28. wow amazing place, great edit, wanna support each other?

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