Seun Kuti Sl@ps A Police Officer

Seun Kuti Sl@ps A Police Officer


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  1. That police man have low self esteem, he was even afraid of seun. My type would give seun the beaten of his life.

    Seun disgracing a whole police officer, this country sef

  2. Then go drag seun for this ….why will he slap the officer I know Nigeria police are very bad but this is not right.

  3. You have your right but don't intimidating people bcos of position or prestige , you can't do this in a civilized country.

  4. He had no right to do that. Probably he had been doing this and get away with it but this was captured live and it’s an evidence against him. He preached for good country and governance but his action is opposite and appalling

  5. I bet you , this policeman is one of the good one, Seun could’ve do better with the situation, no celebrity can slap corrupt and aggressive Nigerian policeman and goes free. We all know what will happen. Pls stop condemning all Nigerian policeman there’s still good ones out there. ✌🏾

  6. So Nigeria Police can be this gentle? Where are the others?

    So, because Seun is a celebrity, the policeman decided to be this gentle. If this was ordinary citizen, they would have rough handled him.

    So, one needs to be a celebrity now in Nigeria to avoid getting insulted or man handled.

  7. well done mr policeman. nice to know you could remain patient

  8. This is so wrong!…no matter what 🤦‍♀️

  9. this nigga needs go correctional facility

  10. This has to be a movie but I'd love it. Would be a little payback especially under this Buhari regime. Fela wouldn't believe how idiotic people were to elect his nemesis Buhari that threw his mother off a balcony to her death

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