Serial Assaulter: Photojournalist Reveals How Senator Abbo Almost Killed Him For Demanding His Money

Serial Assaulter: Photojournalist Reveals How Senator Abbo Almost Killed Him For Demanding His Money

Photojournalist, Owolabi Olumuyiwa Tayo, in an interview with SaharaTV revealed how Senator Elisha Ishaqu Abbo refused to pay him for a…


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  1. I didnn’t hear anything about a contract…please do not ever go into business with anyone without a legal document signed by both parties 👍🏿

  2. Any compensation for the victim?

  3. Senator Abbo….Chris Oyahkilome imposter with his Bleaching cream and Jerry curls🤣🤣..I knew he was a Serial abuser just looking at the ease with which he slapped the lady in the porn store…. its karma time… #lockhimupnow!!

  4. The only needful he should consider, is to quietly STEP DOWN… what a useless man

  5. The most worst Character are the one in power, laws are not working to put them in check, how can Nigerians clean up their politics and have fresh breath of air.
    They can use public funds without fear, abuses their power everytime.

  6. How did such a person becomes a senator.
    Or are we zombies in this country

  7. Tomorrow he will carry the maze and run

  8. Sounds like Senator Elisha Abbo rose to the Senate as a Political Thug.

  9. Nigerian should come to the help of this man oppressed by The Evil called Senator Elisha Abbo. He is a wicked tyrant who should never be trusted with power

  10. Why do you not try to sue him. This Abbo guy is a disgrace of a human being.
    As for the police, I have no words for them.

  11. Pls that senator should be jail for life bro! Let broadcast this video pls. Nigeria is a lawless country. He should be jail. Pls dont keep silence.

  12. Can you just imagine he should be jail

  13. That spineless dog without pedigree is already intoxicated with this whole political position, it's getting in his head but he needs to have his feathers plucked. You want to be a law maker and yet you keep breaking the law with impunity, at every turn, hitting people indiscriminately. I thought the power drunk weakling said that "a 5 minute clip does not define me…this is not me"…where are you then, dum dum?!

  14. Elisha abbo is not fit to be a "senator " he should be taught a lesson in jail and some nigerian forces should be overhauled .

  15. It is clear that this senator teuly has anger management problems particularly one that is capable of destroying human life and property.

  16. Than senator was an evil person.
    even the way he said we was sorry and ask Christian across the world to forgive him.
    you all can see his attitude at the last time before he stood up.

  17. It is not too late to challenge the said senator in court. Such a man should be in jail by now and must be recalled immediately.

  18. It is not too late to challenge the said senator court. Such a man should be in jail by now.

  19. I say this senator boy don kolo

  20. The senator has exhibited signs of having anger problem. Begging for forgiveness and being forgiven will not help much. However this matter with the lady he slapped is resolved, anger-management must be included in the resolution. Nigerians must learn to use the legal system whenever their rights are trampled upon, otherwise, situations like this will continue to occur. Had the journalist gone to the police initially or sued the senator for assaulting him, perhaps, he would have learnt to control his anger. That sense of entitlement must be significantly curtailed or else, he could commit murder. It's good that the journalist told his experience for the public to have knowledge of the character of the abusive senator.

  21. The police should be also held accountable when they issue a false arrest.

  22. I know the guu is upto something… The guy should face the consequences for beating the lady

  23. Abbo is a druggist even by facial expression

  24. God has decided to Expose this man, Nigerian only goes to the office to oppress the people they are meant to protect,

  25. All this time you didn't come out . why. But anyway this senator must be jailed

  26. Alisha Abbo should resign now and jail

  27. Bad habit is like a smoke, Senator Elisha needs a serious drugs test because he seems to be a friendly by nature but his bad characters likely influenced by drugs!!!
    Such person never deserved to be a senator!!!!

  28. I have said that senator should be added to the cow list in Ruga ranch… the man is aTUG

  29. My brother thanks. But what I want to say, there should be no sentiment. Nigeria is what it is today, because we looked at other side when a crime is committed. If we all want a better country, we must learn to call a spade a spade.

  30. Please what kind of job were you doing for him?

  31. Nigeria people with stupid politicians rig election into position

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