Senior citizen details memories of Ghana in its early years after independence | People & Places

People & Places celebrates Ghana Month by bringing you interviews of some old citizens who have lived through the greater parts of the country’s independence; things the younger generations have or may have only heard of or read from their history lessons.

Our first sit-down interview is with a former deputy minister and MP, Abraham Dwuma…



  1. The bonfire after every 6 march celebration in the night during all those years until P/ndc came in to destroy Ghana they had no ideology no vision to change Ghana only hate to kill successful Ghanaians and their businesses ! The 1st coup spent about 3 years and Gen Acheampong spent 7 years but Ghana continued with our cherished tradition until pndc came in with injustice what that meant is only up to them for 11 years and ndc 16 years and Ghana changed completely to a backward country ! Ndc is refusing anything good for Ghana because they came in not for the good of Ghana but because they think their people were poor like somebody was holding their money so collapsed businesses of their perceived enemies ! Ndc couldnt make Ghana we all were hoping for from 1981 of pndc rule to ndc rule till 2017 and Ghana has never been the same ! Ndc is not good for Ghana and must be rejected at anytime


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