Senegal's Opposition Party Calls For Protest Against Government

Senegal's Opposition Party Calls For Protest Against Government

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  1. I hope Senegal will be free to vote for whoever is going to be for the people of the country and for their prosperity,Progress,and success!!

  2. Well people are sick and tired of mess it's no rocket science when you know your leadership is not helping the people get rid of him.

  3. Senegal has always been the headquarters of french colonial Afrika. All it's so called leaders from colonial times to the present are sponsored by Paris and have properties there. The problem is that Senegalese are not fighters except for the Djiola people of the Casamance region. The military is not proactive and just fall in line. The religious and traditional leaders have been compromised into uselessness by political contributions.

  4. No government has any right to arrest or imprison political opponents & journalists simply bcoz they voice the truth or opinions!

    This bears all the hallmarks of a dictatorial totalitarian nature of a tyrannical western puppet presidents thus, must go!!

  5. Black people are so beautiful! Hope they get their government in check.

  6. He has a choice now, reduce anti democratic measures and lose the election, or don't and eventually lose power and be put on house arrest. Might as well go out with dignity.

  7. Funny how the west has no problem with these leaders yet is willing to go to war to keep them in power

  8. Fight for your rights guys

  9. That man must go down.. segals don't backdown

  10. They need to get rid of the weak leaders with colonial mindset imprisonment who elevate the invaders to be rich and steal their minerals and torture and create poverty to his own citizens 😢 revolution continue

  11. The fall of scum dictators all over Africa is coming

  12. And western backed crony bites the dust.

  13. Die fighting for the rights. Get rid of these corrupt old puppets.

  14. We need a revolution in Senegal too. Putting political opponents in Jails is not democracy

  15. Senegal needs to drop Islam and Christianity… become African again!

  16. Keep going with this type of informative news.Your'e great newscasters.

  17. This is good news as African opposition parties are completely useless and they are just there in parliament existing only to pick up salaries and scraps from the table of the ruling party at the expense of their constituents.

    Opposition parties should be putting the ruling party on their toes fighting to win power and not accepting corruption and incompetence at the top. In South Africa we have the lion of South Africa the honourable Julius Malema. We want more patriots across Africa. This is very welcoming developments across Africa as our people begin to wake up from their slumber. I see light at the end of the tunnel finally. There is hope for our race and 2023 might be the year we decided to have that long walk of awareness, awakening, revelation and a desire to get out of this long dark ages us indigenous people of Africa were born into. The next generation will liberate our race and get our independence back if we build a monumental momentum that becomes a mighty tsunami that is strong enough to sweep away all of our oppressors and economic parasites that are killing us slowly like nasty viruses both foreign and domestic. I dream of absolute freedom for Africans living in Africa. Dreams come true when we believe. May our ancestors fight with us. ✊🏽

  18. It's like in Zimbabwe that Evil Mnangagwa is doing that and stupid people they're say it's America

  19. This a DICTATOR who wants to go war with Niger. Shameless PUPPET.

  20. Senegalese people will never give up❤❤❤


  22. Time for military to step in

  23. Don't give up, keep fighting France's installed puppets. This is not Democracy its hypocrisy , in what these puppet so called leaders are doing.

  24. Africa has to eliminate leaders that are severely infected with white supremavy viruses. Greedy, minds, full of exploiting their own kinds like the ones that helped long time agoo to collect their people to sell them as slaves. Colonialism isn't over yet, nor with the white "masters" nor with the unscrupulous black vazals. Africa will rise anyway after a profound cleaning up…..the future will embrace you with all its love and prosperity. Time has come…. Never give up. Power to the people, my African brothers and sisters . You're not alone ❤❤❤❤

  25. Nama Nala Senegal 🇸🇳 😢. Please don't let Senegal fall, Mr. President 😢. Get out of office if you're not for the people 🖤🌍

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