See How Ronke Oshodi Oke Hug Mc Oluomo At His House As He Returns Back To Nigeria

See How Ronke Oshodi Oke Hug Mc Oluomo At His House As He Returns Back To Nigeria

See How Ronke Oshodi Oke Hug Mc Oluomo At His House As He Returns Back To Nigeria
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  2. Aanu logbeyin de bi tabi owo?

  3. Were ni gbogbo yin
    Awon atenu onijekuje

  4. Nonsense and rubbish is equal to idiot,Alfa even don't think anymore in Nigeria,celebrations for fool,in fact Eedris AbdulKareem have already said Nigeria jaga jaga everything scatter scatter,no be only poor man they suffer evens those useless Alfa come the one collect money from Bobrisky to construct Mosque,you better think deeply,nawa oo.

  5. Nigeria don finish ooo see how religion leader turn to fool because of money all this tugs are given them Someone is during bad thing in the world and you are still praying for him

  6. What's the celebration for fools, he's better off with one less thing for Nigeria? He who lives by the knives will surely die by the knife. How about those that live with gins? Of course they will certainly follow suit. How about political thugs, they surely end up been masacred.

    He should be in imprisoned, dead , maimed or whatever by now. Yet you as sales as pee of a fish, idiots

  7. Where the sence where he was boarding his flight and when the idiotic landed in nigeria? Golubes fakers all same of the bird flu of the same feathers .oluomo is bragging boasting like he knows tomorrow? Repent and zip your basket mouth ok arrogant agbero
    See what Tinubu has turned lagos and Nigeria to vagabonds idiotic junkies agbero thugs are openly showing off their selves in public nowadays even police officer are small where all this agberos are ?
    But time is coming a revolutionary president will take over Nigeria and every body poor or rich will severely face the law of the land of Nigeria?.then all this agbero will be thrown into prison or go back to farm and produce food ? Because they are all lazy idiots roaming around the streets used by idiots senseless lunatic politicians looting stealing money hypocrite fakers with evil black devilsh heart and soul calling God almighty when their hands are full of blood .at night there are in babalowo do juju and charms

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