Hi family I love you all 💜, Thank you for your special support.
I really dream big like to…


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  1. Wode Maya is a humble man. BT you are also doing good things. Congratulations to you

  2. This is so interesting Burindian brother together with Wode Maya the king. Love from Mbarara @connectronald4720 show me some love as well soon I wanna travel to Burundi

  3. Bless u son n wode Maya too for doing d needful n showing u d platform Burundi is a place of extremely poverty sticken. God bless d work of ur hands n shower u his favour n grace in abundance in Jesus mighty name I pray.

  4. 😂come on bra wode Maya is not the biggest YouTuber in Africa.. he is not even close to mark angel of Nageria the biggest YouTuber in Africa has over 11mil subscribers if am not mistaken…

    Wode Maya is trying but yeah he is a good guy I like his travel videos. He was even in my country last year.

  5. Amazing moment I really Love this video 💪👌👍🤝

  6. Thank you so much wode Maya for your love and support for Burundian traveller be blessed.

  7. Wode Maya is so Humble! I love that about him. He is a great guy and so are you brother! Keep up the great works! Yes Wode Likes entrepreneurs! Those buildings are beautiful! 💕

  8. Miss management that make u poor


  10. The guy in a yellow tee doesnt look interested look interested..Thank you for sharing Burundi to the world and its African people caring for each other keep going the sky is the limit.💪👊👍👌🙏

  11. Wudemaya is a youtuber like others u do need to impress him dmt.. But i like him he is a young smart African guy

  12. Urumu bono sana ingene uguma umusegereza wudemeya umuhayagiza ngira wahatswe kumusenga 😏🙄

  13. Burundi traveller I can see you are wearing east African country's flags, one East africa iam from Uganda and we love you!!

  14. Wode thanks for your humility,East africa and Africa loves you so so much!!!

  15. Iam from Uganda and God willing I would like to visit burundi

  16. Hi BIT, you have some beautiful homes in Burundi. Maybe you do a video from your village to be he city. I would love to see some of the the money in the city can spill over to the villages. Btw, you don't need Wodemaya. You have the platform. Think outside of the box but please don't act crazy out of the box. You can do a village and city comparison. Now that you have access to the internet, take full advantage. The door is open, just walk through it. Don't wait on Wodemaya. He's a marvelous guy but he can't do everything. He's showing you the way. God bless. Now that you are on the ladder, you can rise, slowly but surely. Just do it with a good heart.

  17. Happy to see you BT with WODE MAYA.

  18. I didn't know that @wode Maya is humble like that, actually my brother @Burundian traveller you are doing an amazing work 👍

  19. My my two favourite youtubers, Wodemaya and Trudy, are why I started travelling, they motivate me a lot and so do you, Burundian traveller, keep up the good job,one step at a time…….am glad your channel is growing every single day…..DPX.

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