This video is going to be a very controversial because of its on-going debate. But I still…


  1. Thank you for this video. Well put!

  2. Nubian???? The ruling class was Black because ancient Egyptians are BLACK 🙄 How ignorant and uneducated he seems. "It doesn't matter the color of your skin" notice how they say this whenever they find us there in our own house 🙄 THEY don't belong there, THEY were the foreigners there💯

  3. they need to do all that to see sum that we feel

  4. Nice try. That is only an official from 3,800 years ago look at the mummy of Yuya 3,400 years old same Dynasty as King Tut was clear Caucasoid

  5. They weren't Nubian though. They were Egyptians. Of course Nubians were a part of the Egyptian population. The difference was ethnic, not racial. They were all Black.

  6. They definitely didn't look like my avatar lmao 😂 🤣 💀

  7. This individual is lying through his teeth when he claims "we always thought the Egyptian elites were mediterranean type."
    How could that be when Egyptian civilization began in the south?.. in the region of southern Egypt/northern Sudan.
    Nubians and Egyptians are both African/Black.
    The caucasoid population occupying the north is not Egyptian. They are invader descendants from outside of the African continent. Their ancestry goes back to the levant, persia, greece, anatolia, and rome,, which explains why they don't resemble the ancient Egyptians and the present day southern population. They employ phony DNA studies like the bogus 2017 Schuenemann study that uses samples of the above listed foreigners to fraudulently cast them as ancient Egyptians.

    "from what has been adduced, we may consider it as tolerably proved that the Egyptians and Ethiopians (Nubians) ARE THE SAME RACE , whose abode, from the earliest periods of history, were the regions bordering the Nile".

                                       Charles Anthon

                                      Historian / Scholar 

                                           1797- 1867


    "As Bruce Williams pointed out years ago, an ancient Egyptian transported to the American South in the days of segregation would not be allowed to sit at the Woolworth’s lunch counter, would have to go to the back of the bus, would be barred from facilities reserved for whites."

    "The acknowledgement of ancient Nubia and Egypt as Black African civilizations destroys the logic of racism, especially American racism with its strongly polarizing view of blackness and whiteness drawn from slavery.”


                     Stuart Tyson Smith PhD
    American Archeologist/Anthropologist
      University of California Santa Barbara

  8. I think your confusing Egyptian with Nubian their not the some thing some black are in Egyptian history they are call Nubian

  9. FUNNY how this is coming for a black guy

  10. So true. We just need to tell our own history

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