Say It Loud Show: Pilot Season Episode 3 – Black Culture & Why It Is Cool

Say It Loud Show: Pilot Season Episode 3 – Black Culture & Why It Is Cool

Say It Loud is a panel based web series that seeks to discuss and resolve issues that are…


  1. What happened to this channel?

  2. Little by little all around the world the children of Africa coming together

  3. What I love about being black I love the variation amongst my people the different complexion and skin tone especially my women that way i doesn't have to go outside there's enough variation amounts my women for me🌞❤👑💯

  4. ❤👑💯 I love being black and I wouldn't have it any other way love my people

  5. Hey, what happened to this potentially great channel? Please bring it back!

  6. Amazing guys! Much love from Prahan!!!👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  7. Really enjoyed this, an open & honest discussion between a great panel of people, look forward to more content tho i think Fasika might be a bit too busy with her music career now 🙂 she is a superstar, Australia needs her in the music scene, looking forward to seeing her perform after The Voice contest 🙂

  8. Great stuff guys keep it up. The gentleman who mentioned an african american who invented a cure for HIV/AIDS and never received a patent for it, could you provide sources for that claim? There is no denying that constitutional racism does exist and consequently the works of blacks and other people of colour is less celebrated than others, however it is also important to usually read the fine print! For example a researcher at a university, who invents something, the university or institution they work for usually own that invention.

  9. loved it guys keep with the great work!!

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