Sammie Okposo Truly Repents For Ch*ating? Mercy AIgbe Finally Reacts X Hushpuppi Again

Sammie Okposo Truly Repents For Ch*ating? Mercy AIgbe Finally Reacts X Hushpuppi Again


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  1. That was the O2 Arena that was in Paris

  2. Q of the day:: It's not a wrong thing if a woman also decided to get pregnant for another man, cus men started it. That means to say "what a man can do, a woman can also do more better" Khallas 👌🤨💃…
    If you know it's not good then men should stop cheating on their wives!!

  3. Apparently, this commentator knows little or nothing about Marriage. Once a Woman insists that she can no longer move together with her husband, the marriage is already headed for the rocks. Marriage is much deeper than these shallow takes.

  4. It's morally wrong for a married woman to do same just because of what her husband did. I'm not saying what the man did was right. Ladies should know that shame no dey catch Men. If I discover that my wife did cheat on me, that marriage don end period.

  5. Nigeria is full of HYPOCRITES!

  6. Odogwu d burna. The giant himself ❤️❤️

  7. Trust me… if U are not a full yoruba boy… fuji lover then U might not really like Zazoo… I love it… its always on repeat/replay for me 😁

  8. So the girl that slept with sm she didn't know that he is a married man and also gospel singer ,I don't know why we buy this their matters after sniking around to sleep with pastors and ministers they won't tell us o ,until it backfire, they will come and been crying ,can't u say no for once ,a ministers will lure you to sleep with you u can't shon him and warn him but you choose to enjoy one minute that bring disgrace to u ,and you want us to join you and fight him ,as if we were there wen u pipo started it

  9. Not 02 arena bro. It’s France

  10. Am not here to judge but.. the fact that the said wife refused to come as requested by the husband means she has another means of living alone better than the husband… Do we even know if she has someone she is also dating. ….. We only talked about what is open to us…. Pls everyone's happiness is paramount..

  11. Yes is wrong married isn't like do Me ar do you , For give your husband

  12. Sammie is repentant bcos he was exposed. Only Nigerians say things like " he is a human being'. It's not about him but the position he occupies! This is why we ll never have good leaders. We aid and abet them

  13. Had it been she didn't get pregnant no one will hear anything and he will continue with his ministry like no adultery took place.

  14. It not fair on the woman but I as a married woma will never bring myself to such shameful and ridiculous act
    Thank you Abraham God bless you for the great news

  15. People should stop looking up to their fellow men as role models and mentors. As Christians, you should look up to Jesus Christ who is the Author and Finisher of our faith.

  16. Hello 👋, o Love the ZaZu song 🎶 I even vibe to this song on my IG lol 😆

  17. Commenters before watching

  18. Hmm, the skin bleaching can’t be good for our bodies, not to mention our mental health. We should all embrace and love our natural skin colour.
    All shades are beautiful ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  19. Been waiting for this all day great job my Mr Abraham

  20. It's only in Nigeria they think its cool wearing sunglasses indoors and hood even in the heat 🙄

  21. Thank you for the update Abraham!
    QOTD: She should not get pregnant/even have sex with anyone unless she leaves that marriage.

  22. Welcome back to hour 📺

  23. Me2…after olamide part…Use cursor to listen to that part again😀

  24. Good afternoon all
    Thanks Meckson 😊

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