Salvatore Ganacci – Horse (Official Music Video)

Salvatore Ganacci – Horse (Official Music Video)

Salvatore Ganacci – Boycycle EP also out now via OWSLA
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  1. tooo brate bass just basss trip …

  2. Is that the Asian guy who played the Beast in Kung Fu Hustle?

  3. This video is about animal cruelty. Go vegan. Or else.

  4. 2:04 PETA and Vegans after seeing animal abuse:

  5. Is this an old spice commercial?

  6. I was watching this on shrooms 🍄🍄 it had me tripping lol 😂

  7. ПЦ как долго я искала это

  8. Please don't hurt animals 😭

  9. I forgot his name and the song title so I just looked up "Weird song with guy in shoe car" and I found it

  10. I suddenly stumbled across this and am still confused…hello nether regions of Youtube, we finally meet again.
    I really hope this video will be the only thing future archaeologists will find of our civilization. No context. Just this.

  11. I like a music video that tells a story.

  12. Meanwhile , at FranzJ's mind :

  13. This is why we’re no longer drinking Budweiser. It’s ruined a couple generations at this point.

  14. The lesson of the story is, don't harm animals or Salvatore will visit you

  15. PETA wishes they can do this much for animals

  16. DJ Isaac – Go insane

  17. Уфф че за бАрхатные тяги
    Фиииффффф Кефтеме 😮‍💨

  18. 0:44 animal hurt 🤕 but angry family
    2:07 human hurt 🤕but no animal hurt

  19. No animals were hurt in the production of this😅 only humans

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