Salty UK Journalist Says Megan Markle Trashed The Royal Family

Salty UK Journalist Says Megan Markle Trashed The Royal Family

Demetra Kaye reports on a salty UK Journalist saying that Megan Markle trashed the Royal Family. Sophie Corcoran didn’t hold back discussing Megan.
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  2. Racism is in US. You guys are crazy

  3. She ain't black, her whole career she never mentioned it all, soon as she wants those victim points, all of sudden she's black. If you got to tell people your skin color, you ain't black. I got Italian friends darker, my grandfather is Chippewa he's darker then her

  4. whats this journalist's name? shame on her

  5. D, you’re funny as hell!

  6. Meghan doesn't get a free pass for being black.
    She is accountable for her actions.
    Your opinions do not stand up to scrutiny.

  7. Y'all need to leave the girl alone, get a life. Live your life and enjoy it with Harry Meg, let them sweat watching you do too

  8. The media harass her on a daily basis. Because she is half Black. She needs to get something done about it.

  9. They are the R word.Take it from one who lived there and experienced it.

  10. I wouldn’t say trashed but she wasn’t meant for the Royal Family NO ONE is exempt from adhering to protocol and she seems a lil controlling lol And when I say Royal Family I mean ANY!! Royal Family, African, Asian, European hell American Presidency’s come with Protocol and she definitely doesn’t want to be controlled by what comes with that

  11. Meghan Markle Is a Narcissist POS.

  12. The Journalist is right. She is a deranged feminist and cause of the downfall of British royal family.

  13. "SALTY UK journalist…" Isn't that a redundant statement? BTW, I'm 400!!!

  14. The bottom line is she has tainted the top of the Royal line with color. Move on. She is there to stay.

  15. You can't trash what's already been rotten to the core for generations. England's history is very bloody, murderous and oppressive, so that reporter is in no position to criticize. .

  16. White ppl don't like themselves. They sit in the sun so they can tan.
    They have no culture other than war.

  17. Y’all don’t like for who she is and who u wish u were and maghan don’t even care keep trashing urself not maghan

  18. You said it all. It's pretty obviously documented in their media coverage of the whole Meghan Markle episode; a blind man can see it; and, as INSANELY as they deny, they can't escape the history of their behaviors. "SHE'S BLACK!!!"

  19. By my understanding in America one drop of black blood makes any human full black I’m not sure I understand it ? And just to keep it real, I voted Joe so ….

  20. She will be queen but the name Meghan is , lord have mercy

  21. This is done on purpose, they are told to say those things, nothing here is a mistake.

  22. Their family been trash for a few thousand yrs

  23. Sis. DK be going in!!! 🤎🙌🏾

  24. No!!!! Sophie Corcoran is not a Journalist! We all know this in the UK. All you have to do is look at the comments behind every post she makes. She barely has an education. Then again that has not stopped anyone from saying they are a jounalist

  25. Because she took their man Harry and they can't get him back, cause once you go black you can't go back 😂🤣

  26. Because she's white and American that's why. After all, white Americans are scum ain't they?

  27. The royal family was trash before Meghan was born. And, yes, the British public hates Meghan because of her skin color/race/ethnicity. Also, what's not talked about much is the fact that certain British hate groups have placed a price on baby Archie's head.

  28. Dementia is super entertaining she needs to be up here daily those roasts 😂🤣 y'all have to do a queen Elizabeth ii funeral watch a long

  29. Megan made the witch queen yeild up the demon ghost sprit

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