Sadhguru – Saving Soil to Grow Better Crops | The Daily Show

Sadhguru – Saving Soil to Grow Better Crops | The Daily Show

Yogi, mystic, visionary, and best-selling author Sadhguru explains how over 5,000 years of…


  1. I invite all of you to accept Islam as your religion . Its true religion and its message is for all mankind.

  2. Sadhguru Brain 🧠 😱

  3. You need onion peels vitamin A C E vitamins

  4. I just think you should watch bellow mentioned video if you want to know more about sadguru….

  5. We don't value things untill we get scarcity of it.
    Typical human hardwiring.

  6. The Indians eat pizzas and hamburgers just like the Western people do. No more curry and chatnies. The traditional farming is no longer possible in India where the mega agricultural firms force the poor peasants to use the chemically based fertilizers, pesticides, and GMO seeds. Soon the Indians become so similar to the disliked English.

  7. Chemical agents destroyed the soil in the most parts f the world. More production and profitability are the top priority of the modern commercial farming. Nutrients and safety are not considered. So long as money worshipping is not stopped, we, the humans will be deformed for certain. AI's will be healthier than the mankind.

  8. If you failed then.
    .. nothing happening
    .. keep the fall yourself!

  9. This guy built his ashram destroying forests, and allegedly bankrolls corrupt politicians in India. He wants to take the temples from state government and give it to people who believe in casteism. Money has helped him bury evidences (his ashram is on the path of elephant migration) There are number of renowned politicians, social and environmental activists against his misdeeds. It really saddens me to see people praising this antisocial. And to see Trevor Noah (one of my favourite host) giving him visibility kills me.

  10. Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  11. Sadhguru's wisdom is invaluable to humanity's survival and upliftment. He is a global treasure. There is absolute truth in #savesoil that Sadhguru mentions. Consciousness resolves. We will rise to take care of all challenges.

  12. Yes I would like to be a part of save soil movement

  13. Love this talk. It brings awareness to ppl in a light way. I enjoyed this very much, Thanks to Trevor and Sadhguru .

  14. साले साउथ अफ्रीका के बारे में बात कर। Toon his ढक्कन से बात कर रहा है चूटिए।।

  15. We need clean energy and nutrient soil. Fast.

  16. A short poem on SOIL- Soul of Inherent Living

    Soil soil everywhere, from bottom to brink
    What is happening to his soul, let's stop and think

    Made-up of 45% minerals, 25% water, 25% air & 5% organic matter;
    50% of it is solid & rest 50% porous and scatter
    Water and air are the essense of soil, with major mineral percent;
    For all that matters is 5% organic content

    It binds soil, stores carbon 2000GTon, double the amount in atmosphere;
    Increase air infiltration & holds water enough to supply rivers perennial
    1.1% increase in organic matter can save 90,000L of water per acre;
    It just takes this much for soil to take its care

    Thinking of soil as an inert substance is a fools kingdom;
    One teaspoon of soil contains over a billion microorganism
    Phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium is one way of looking at it;
    There are living beings, more than people on earth, very closely knit

    One of its member is an earthworm, which can dig upto 6.5 feet deep;
    Alone this species can turn over 15 cm of top soil every 10 yrs with ease.
    Over 27000 species of organisms are dying every year;
    A single earthworm is special, think 27000 lovely dear

    1000 yrs it takes to form 1cm of top soil
    Forming the cream of earth, for lives to form and multiply;
    It is being depleted at 17 times than it is replenished
    12,00,00,000 hectares of land are annually damaged and degraded.

    The level of nutrients in food has dropped by 90% in last 100 yrs;
    We have to eat 08 oranges today than 100 yrs ago from its agriculture peer
    Fruits, vegetables, meat all are also degraded
    How can one be healthy when soil quality is depleted;
    Millions of farmers commit suicide due to nature of modern agriculture
    Impetus ito be on Aforestory, crop cover, no tillage farming and use of organic fertilizer

    When soil degrades, climate intensify
    Heat wave, flash flood, droughts, food shortags difficult to quantify
    When soil erodes, enormous biodiversities die;
    Sahara will look small for water to desertify
    Is soil organic content is not increased to 5%
    Even air will not be left for us to have oxygen

    It's high time to give the soil back what is required
    If only 5% organic content can be added and admired.

    – Earth Buddy

  17. Noble Price should be given to Sadhguru !!

  18. Sadhguru and Trevor together–should be more than 5 minutes! How about an hour's conversation?

  19. Take care of mother earth, give food and it will give food back to you.

  20. How can I contribute to it?

  21. tevor noah is bettter listener .

  22. Trevor… im form SA is Sadhguru wearing a Rolex?

  23. This is Trevor at is absolute best.

  24. A war in Russia? Or Russia invaded Ukraine?

  25. A charming conman who mastered his act to perfection!

  26. it is time to have an global online concert with all the celebrity that are
    interested with save soil. this way we can get more people involved.
    Let’s make it Happen!!

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