See How Naira Marley Became The Number 1 Suspect Over Mohbad Deàth As Shocking Marlians Secrèt On How They Initiate Artistes Signed Into a Top Sècret Operation Is Revealed..


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  1. Naira marley should be in police custody by now.

  2. This thing the do me like movie

  3. Naira Marley was to me the most useless musician in this country full stop😞

  4. Even Mohbad father buried him with child's casket..he must be a slave to those marlian cult

  5. Imole was "BOLD" …RIP dude…

  6. Can you Imagine the idiot NDLEA gave Ambassador to

  7. Point of correction the world is not wicked the people are wicked 😢😢

  8. Drugs drugs drugs and that is the price he had to pay chaeeeeeeee😢😢😢😢 addiction my friends so it's like mohbad was leaving in hotels this life ohhhhhhhhhhh

  9. Authorities must put and END of this stupidity of some devils young to destroy others on drugs. The leader must be hold accountable and immediately STOPPED

  10. Ah they bought Moh’s father

  11. The only thing moh wanted was to better his life 💔💔💔💔

  12. Mubad is not mad you are destroying mubad for nothing

  13. Zazu have said it all 😢😢😢😢😢

  14. Everyone should continue to unfollow naira Marley and all those under his lebel. Let them feel the heat and pain of Nigerians

  15. Where is this country heading to?

  16. Mohbad problem is family problem not friends

  17. I wish this boy was having help😢

  18. Me I feel there is more to this like who do this people think of themselves that they can kill someone and go free like that abeg justice most be done

  19. It will Nigerian musician may his soul rest in peace

  20. The death of a mother did this young man a lot damage😢😢 if only he had a mother she would have helped bear his pain at least. Rest in peace great mind.

  21. Wow Nigeria needs serious deliverance

  22. He probably knew of there sacrificing and cult dealing plus the drug trafficking going on. Mohbad had no one behind him to watch his back to have his back that he could truly trust. This Recorded Label needs to be shut the hell down. What’s wrong with this Government and the police department.Mohbad had bites all on him cause they acted like savages dog’s eating on human flesh acting like cowardly witches Marley is the head coward witch and hope they get there’s to there head just like they did Mohbad

  23. How I go get that end video, of Mohbad new chapter of life ❤

  24. Mohbad was a better singer, and talented than the whole marlians 😢

  25. Mohbad was a better singer, and talented than the whole marlians 😢

  26. Nigeria is gone. All these things are happening bcos our leaders failed to lead by good examples. What do you expect when NDLEA is given ambassadorial award to a drug lord?

  27. All malians will not know peace for d rest of their life

  28. Guy why them just burry this guy like dog is not fair see as them the spoil e coffin this is disrespect on all the money nah. Wah.

  29. Now there god father is there president, they finally get this boy, so tat there god for will stand for them. A country were a drug baron is a president what do u think will happen.

  30. They wicked this boy every corner. Making his life so miserable.

  31. They really wicked the boy. They really deal with the boy. Bt god is watching. He tat seeth in secret will fight this battle. This boy cry out bt no body rescue him. Now they hv killed him. God will judge all this wickedness in this country. . Naira marley is an agent of devil. Full of lies against the boy.

  32. They want to use the boy to the carry drugs for them. Bc they know tat he has know all the secret, tat is why naira marley kill him. May god judge them all.

  33. What a life, what a colossal loss?😢

  34. You guys are very stupid to come out now that he is dead and start talking trash, where are you guys the time mohbad cry for help, what did you guys do the time mohbad cry for help, Ogun the kill una

  35. Is Naira Marley into men? I mean, is he bisexual? Cos' i don't think the drugs thing is the only issue he is having with Mohbad. I believe, there is something Mohbad knows that they are worried he might reveal one day if he doesn't take the Oath of secrecy.

  36. Yes oooo is another world the death is on naira Marley

  37. Naira Marley runs cartels

  38. The children of now are day when dey get money no respect for mother's if not as fight am he for tell he mother

  39. Sammy Larry is evil he needs to be cut down

  40. But normally mohbad enjoy finish he now wants to leave just like that? That's a lesson to all coming up guys,b4 u join any association that gives benefits hv in mind there's bad side and be ready to face it

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