S-*x Tape: Biased On Oxlade Vs Tiwa Savage, 17M Naira On Timothy Adegoke

S-*x Tape: Biased On Oxlade Vs Tiwa Savage, 17M Naira On Timothy Adegoke

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  1. if you're going to work, you dress decent but when going to church/synagogue, etc. you dress like you're going to club rofl. It's not even new, adult will be telling you "it's my body, I can do whatever I want with it". The kids will also want to look like mom, and the kids will say the exact thing the mother said: "it's my body, I can do whatever I want with it". Everything is all messed up. What's most annoying is that they find it creepy when someone looks at them, I mean weren't they seeking attention, to begin with?

  2. so african american dont have a culture, but nigerians have culture. Supporting argument, we need evidence?

  3. The so called pastor is contradicting his message, i see some preaching from foolishness and insanity. Impregnating your wife is a sin? But ur father and mother came together to give birth to you right?? Hugging a girl 👧 that is not ur wife is a sin cos you have not paid her bride price right? But sleeping with ur wife is a sin, does it not contradict your message?? My people perish for lack of knowledge. The children of the world 🌎 are wiser than the children of the kingdom in there time. God never condemn sex He only condemn fornication, adultery and homeosexual activities.

  4. @meckson Men and Women privileges will always be different… Do we see any man complaining about ladies not opening doors for them or ladies not paying bills after meals? Maybe men should start feeling bad that its only women that have menstral circles. Life itsself is not balance.

  5. I wonder sometimes if all dese Nigeria artist
    are not in illuminati because just like their hollywood counterpart theyare given specific roles
    to promote bad and immoral values to the society
    which destroy one spirit away from God

  6. Sorry for my comment, sometimes I used to see Odunlade Adekola as an actor who has low educational background or his exposure is below standard of his professionalism. Am sorry if my comment offended anybody.

  7. I am in Italy 🇮🇹,,thats a lie,,there is a sufficient supply of water 💧 and light

  8. Nigeria is deteriorating on daily basis

  9. Abraham sometimes you talk like an illiterate or obviously you’re afraid to say the truth in some cases, how can you say this Ibiyomi abi indomie is a smart man? How did you not talk about the car accident part that he says will kill the yahoo boys? How can he defend that? Why didn’t mention that? Is that the root too?
    If not for this yahoo Nigeria would be in more mess right now because most youths won’t be smiling, when someone is hungry and not smiling you know the crime that can lead to, be wise.

  10. He actually said I curse the ROOT I was in his church that day

  11. Was an autopsy done on the corpse?

  12. They've used Timothy to upgrade their hotel management, it quite unfortunate they will be no justice for poor Timothy 🤦‍♂️😥

  13. “Men are not fools… when you think they are fools, that’s when you are being outsmarted” 🤣🤣 Words from the wise ❤️

  14. Please my brother can you send it to me

  15. He doesn’t want to see the city and it’s only if you live in the countryside I meant village what do you expect go and live in Milano City you will not worry about water

  16. Please I am very sorry for saying this,the pastor is hungry please give him money to buy food.

  17. What side of Italy is this

  18. Abraham about the water thing normally it always like that sometimes and before they cut the water they always announce it so those guys should stop saying for Italy no water
    For me they don't understand Italia cause am sure they make an announcement just saying

  19. Timothy was not only killed and buried by Adedoyin's Hotel, the Hotel management also denied Timothy ever lodged in that Hotel. It took his family to investigate to uncover that he did a bank transfer to the account of one of the staffs of the Hotel to make payment for his reservation. The evidences available about the death of Timothy is so glaring that he was murdered and buried by the Hotel

  20. This is what hunger has turned some people into. This guy is schizophrenic and needs help. Misinterpretation of perception is a cardinal symptom of schizophrenia and deficient glucose and nutritional supply to the brain is the factor in this guy

  21. Pastor, in the previous video you said they will have accident, is it the Ruth that will have accident???🤔

  22. please help me ask the guy where in Italian. I'm in Italian wish cit

  23. where for Italy they cut you off when you didn't pay your bills

  24. I live in southern Italy, those people saying that they took water from the tank they felt they were disappointed, those are the people that should have been here for the first place, it was said to the general public that they will be a situation like this, in my city they were two hours of power failure and litter was given to everyone, those making those video are those on grateful Nigeria who should been in Nigeria and not here, am not trying to be in the side of Italian but they still bring water give you, you still dey complain, will Nigeria government take care of us like that… am disappointed at that guy doing that video if Nigeria is ok then live another man's country and go to your country period..

  25. Nigerians who did is to us

  26. May God help us from all this purchase pregnancies a sin 😝

  27. where in Italy because i have water 💧 in my city

  28. Thank you for the update Abraham! I agree with that pastor about dress code. When you are going to church, you should dress appropriately; even as a women I get distracted! (That’s something we have to work on too. To not let these things distract us. But it’s not easy).
    If that’s all you have to wear, sure. But if not, dress better. I agree with Barkley from the WhatsApp group chat.

  29. Africa is a very hard place for female to live. A place where women are treated lesser and subject to humiliation. Double standard. Almost all our musicians are single fathers ( baby daddies) yet they are celebrated by all. May God help us all.

  30. Good afternoon everyone 🤠

  31. This people are stupid..maybe it's just some fualt that need to be fix in no time..not everything u bring to social media…I live in same Italy Nd I have never experienced such..Nd the electricity Nd water are running…some people should just learn to have sence for one's

  32. Let me start by saying good afternoon Abraham, I will like to start with that pastor regarding washing of plate so my point of view is if she doesn’t work then yes let her do it , but you can’t expect her to take care of kids work and then do all the house duties as in . Let me remind him that Jesus washed his disciples feet.

  33. See female shaming “you’re broke you’re black titre shirt your in animal science “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣❌

  34. Double standards in this this world is crazy

  35. In city in Italy we have water. I live in Piemonte, Borgomanero. Maybe that video is from the south side of the country

  36. Baba you come to good for dis u work when you dey do. God bless 🙌

  37. Which Italy 🇮🇹 🤔 that guy dey self 🤔 🤣

  38. I don’t know why I prefer your news blog to any other news blog in Nigeria. Maybe because you are very unique and relatable when explaining your news content. Keep it up bro

  39. Always my best 👌 blogger 💕 out there wishing u greater success bro 🙏

  40. You can't compare Tiwa with Oxlade in this publicity stunt. One is responsible than the other. We live in a society where women are targeted negatively then men. Oxlade just made a fool of himself and I pray his career goes a long way.

  41. They close the water maybe they want to change the pipes.And they will notice people about it. You can see the truck bring water for them.

  42. QOTD. Bank Cleaner please…

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