Rwandan President Paul Kagame Warns Youth Over 'Poverty Worshiping'

Rwandan President Paul Kagame Warns Youth Over 'Poverty Worshiping'

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  2. That a way too get rid of Christianity in Africa watch this hmm🤔

  3. Don't Worship😈 VANITY 👹

  4. IT'S TIME EXODUS to GREEN sustainable cities initiatives

  5. They travel too see him 👀…. What a dictator 🤦🏾‍♀️…… WE should NEVER have too pray for ANYTHING EVERYTHING we need and want was ALREADY given too us 👀 period ‼️

  6. Add that white Jesus to the list… there is no such thing.

  7. Wow, lock em up, get those trucks ready.
    Get those minds right.
    Their is only one to be worshipped.

  8. He's helping the colonizers to keep us pressed..

  9. Having traveled several African countries I agree with Kagame 100%

  10. What!!! NO🎉We are the most wealthiest people on the planet!!! He is correct! We pray for riches! Africa is the richest continent!!! To me it sounds more with western meddling with their minds! Western propaganda and indoctrination or religious!? They do this with US, UK , and other western countries through media ano other Western agency. Be careful! Good president!

  11. I hope he's promoting Capitalism, if people want to live in poverty and they don't bother anyone,
    then what's the issue?

  12. I agree with him, more reflection should be towards “prosperity,” not poverty. African people must

    seek ways to enrich their lives. They must change their "subconscious mind" towards "Prosperity."

  13. In this case I can accept the thought police 😂

  14. O' LORD help them as only you can…they are clearly lost!🤔💔

  15. Tru Gotta stay out of fantasy land. No fools or dummies 🎉

  16. So incarcerate people, pay the expense to feed and clothe them.

  17. That's why we got colonized, they took our lands and gave us the bible. Then the white people promised us heaven only after you suffer and die . This is why Africans are still under the European and the Western control. Work hard and become something. This is why we want infrastructure development. Work hard and be honest with your fellow man.

  18. God says be fruitful and multiply! Do not allow white or black pastors who preach poverty as an acceable way of life!

    Mitionarry whites taught blacks it o.k to humble your self and give to the pastors and missionaries your 💰. Worship – GOD IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH

  19. It is anti humane especially for the protection of our children's well being the national good and the cultural survival of all families.

  20. Breaking News, the Rwandan Military has occupied Kigali and is holding President Kagame and his family at the Presidential residence per the radio.

  21. He would not have liked John the Baptist, James, the Ebionites, and a lot of what Y'Shua said. I am curious to know what vision did they have?

    What does it profit a man to gain wealth and riches, but lose his soul? How many would actually give up everything they had to be with the creator of the universe?

    I most definitely would!

  22. He is the best president for Africa

  23. Yikes! Be thankful what you have, but never worship poverty…

  24. I realised long time ago before I came across this video myself I tell people that I do whatever it takes to fight against poverty

  25. worshipping wealth is evil , the bible says its harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than it is for a camel to enter the eye of a needle , yahawashi says blessed are the poor .ws wants to be admired & praised for its wealth , yet they conviently turn an eye away from the fact that their wealth was ill gotten gains stolen from indigenous natives all over the world .what the president should do is build an educational system to teach his people enlightenment .

  26. anyone who thinks this man as a "great African leader" got brainwashed by the media

  27. This is concerning. He now has jurisdiction over people’s spiritual quest? Government overreach?

  28. The thing is that Africans hate ideas but welcome deception. We cannot continue to do the same thing and expect deferent outcome. Rwandans must count their blessings. Look at other countries that have fought a civil war or still fighting a civil war and compare them to what Paul Kagame has achieved in your country. For instance, the Nigerian civil war ended 53 years ago and the country is more divided today than ever before and more backward than ever before all this due to bad leadership. In my opinion Paul Kagame is by far the best president/leader in Africa today. Don't get your minds poisoned by those who don't wish Africa and Africans well or those who are only interested in personal prestige and interests. I applaud Paul Kagame for being a true leader and Pan-African.

  29. Kagame, the killing machine of the great lakes. He killed peasants by millions who were hard working men and now he claims he wants to stop poverty 🤢🤢😏

  30. BEWARE ! The enemy is trying to cast disjointed spell magic but it’s no match for ours.

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