Embark on an unforgettable journey through Rwanda! Join us as we explore the vibrant landscapes, cultural experiences, and incredible adventures this remarkable country has to offer. From the Bal Innovation Summit and Soft Power Gala to local shopping, basketball games, and the mesmerizing gorilla trekking, our vlog captures the essence of…



  1. +250 SSTAANDDDD UPPP!! THE TIME IS NOWWWWWW! The Rwanda travel adventures are here and oh it’s a good one!! Btw, the music is very Bass heavy, and is best enjoyed via headphones/earphones. Please be sure to ‘like’ the video when watching and drop me a comment! I love replying to you all! See you in the comments!

  2. I loved this so much…the gorilla reeking and sitting was my highlight through screen. Like that Rwandans are protecting their natural heritage, as South Africa I heavily relate, we also love nature preservatio💚
    Love that you got on so well with our gorgeous South African princess Nomzamo Mbatha, she’s so down to earth you wouldn’t tell how big a deal of a star she is by way she just vibes with all. Also love that you met beautiful Pearl Thusi. The filming was top tier, thanks for sharing Lydia😊

  3. Lydia this vlog was amazingggg!!😍😍 3 minutes into that intro and I had to swap my laptop for some snacks so I could really focus. Editing skills on 10, content on 10, your attitude along is a bigger 10. Thanks for sharing 🥺🤌🩷🔥🔥🔥

  4. woaaaahhhhh content at its best……. i dont have time literally to watch content that dont help me in any way am raising small children and i am a married women however if i am to make time its early hours of the morning after prayers and early evening when the kids go to bed. so i choose wisley what i watch and i choose wisley what i do with my time….. your content is never a waste of my time….. you are so wonderful to watch and you just keep rising in every way….. thanks for this content its blessed my day…. God bless you and your husband. x

  5. Hi Lydia, I am the lady subscriber that said hello in the airport at Cagliari……I wonder where you and hubby were staying on this beautiful island. I wish you a wonderful holiday and hope you enjoy your stay. wishing you all the best my dear xx if you need any assistance let me know as my father lives here. keep those vlogs coming we love ya xx


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