Rwanda uses technology to power 'Made in Africa' ambitions [SciTech]

Rwanda uses technology to power 'Made in Africa' ambitions [SciTech]

Rwanda’s ambitious plans to build a knowledge economy powered by technology and science, are…


  1. Bado tuko mbali. No Africa sponsorship

  2. Interesting and encouraging. To me what would be a game-changer is if the phones were wholly or largely recyclable and repairable – in line with SDG12. Africa (not only Rwanda) already paid a high price in terms of extraction of raw materials needed for phones and other consumer products. Africa could lead the way by placing sustainability at the centre of future development choices.

  3. Assembly in Rwanda with majority Chinese components as iPhone does but Mara phone is closed now due to Covid 19 plus Chinese very high competitif phone
    But welcome to all brave entrepreneur

  4. Build your own operating system for the Mara, do not rely on google or foreign tracking servicces

  5. Still waiting for the first Black owned cell phone manufacturers and Black owned electric car manufacturers.

  6. Bonjour Te Achieve Que Santé Personnalité Quand Reliant Humans Ère Mirarase Por A Fonde Fidèles Political Administratives Te Ayudarame Asi Misleade Migrateurs ! J'ai Jolie Par A Sonrisa En Coração (. *. )

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