Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Trump slams NATO leaders for handling Ukraine crisis | Latest English News

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Trump slams NATO leaders for handling Ukraine crisis | Latest English News

Former US President Donald Trump has strongly criticised NATO leaders for their handling of the…


  1. NATO and America should step out and stop sacrificing people there… what they both need is diplomacy, which was never worked out in part due to America. the Ukrainian president proposed diplomacy and they seem to keep rejecting it . Why? What are running there?

  2. Trump happens to be “one of our leader” …pot calling the kettle black.

  3. Our leaders are dumb! Exhibit A of dumb leadership was giving that speech.

  4. "All According To Keikaku." ~ Russia And China

  5. There's no negotiation for zelensky its too late for u after u ask for war

  6. Gotta agree with trump

  7. Trump is right nato leaders are dump and Putin is smart. macron is right too Putin shouldn't be humiliated too. and the west choose warlike Ukraine over peace. lets keep grinding and see we wins at last

  8. Traitor bonespurs should know, he spent 1 hour shooting a Garand and is now expert.

  9. You need to ask why does Biden continue to send money we don’t have to keep the war going?

  10. That the truth dumb in A nutshell

  11. Now the world actually looks like a big kindergarten two big guys russia and the us always mess up with the other that's why the world never having peace forever

  12. Russia is lucky that Putin is good friends with the Chinese President. When this Ukrainian War ends, a severely weaken (militarily and economically) Russia is very vulnerable to an invasion from China. Don't forget that parts of the Russian territories in Asia are actually Qing Dynasty territories which the Russian Empire conquered from China during the Tsarist Era. I am sure the Chinese Government do have some ambition to conquer Siberia, which is rich in resources. It can also be used to increase Chinese presence in the Eastern European region.

  13. Zelenskyy and America started this conflict because America no better as they use nato countrys to carpet bombing countries killing women children but this is terrible I no but this conflict started back 2000 14 killing 14 thousand Russian speaking people and America don't care they don't care about Ukraine using these people to fight Russians to weakne Russia what's wrong with everyone zelenskyy Americans are to blame but they lyed why this happened they are the criminals


  15. Trump my man…at least there is one intelligent American talking sense👍👍

  16. Watch the Eleventh Hour with Robin Bullock 5/24/22. Start at the 37-minute mark.

  17. Putin is smart…… problem is biden is not….🍿😁🍿

  18. Of course Trump will slam and degrade NATO and all Allies because they are opposing his bromance with Putin and his lovable Russian country. This moron is the most disgraceful President this country has ever had. He's a liar and a loser. Time to forget him.

  19. Obama and Ukraine presidents are the smartest we've had♥︎ thank you for your support♥︎

    And if we got onto WW3 putin and Boris be like: WE GOT A YACHT PARTY 🥳 BYE

    obama: getting drunk again?

  20. Well I see his record of losing is intact… fact checkable

  21. Why don't nato just end him seriously just go all in every single nato country be over in no time

  22. Trump's the only one that knows how to get out of this. The war whores want more war.. THEY HAVE BUNKERS TO HIDE AND WE DON'T.

  23. The war is really between the United States and NATO. The Ukraine is in the way.

  24. nato is also thw one who takes over if you preassurw your president to leave his place and u deal with my millions and millions of endless universe blacck hole lifetimes or just a grown humans anger

  25. But isn't Ukraine a child and human trafficking centre?

  26. Trump defence Russian because have big bussiness at Russian country🙄

  27. Stand anyone next to trump and they apear smarter even a dog turd. Its just relativity.

  28. Trump should have been the US President … he would handled the situation very maturely and swiftly … he would have never persuade Ukraine to Join NATO which has no relevance now after US-RUSSIA Cold War … Trump can rebuild trust with Russia and make Russia his close ally and on the other hand can possibly Revamp and Re-establish the Country of Ukraine with all it's peace and prosperity

  29. Trump, turn around and tell putin to pull out!

  30. The real problem Trump is your too stupid to see that Putin is a mad man

  31. Now, Trump will realize how valuable his position as the POTUS was and perhaps realizes he should have treated it with the respect it deserves. He can say anything he wants but it's not gonna mean nothing. Zero effect on international politics.

  32. I can’t understand you

  33. Who can see a genius in a jackass, who is the father of warp speed medical facism

  34. The traitor play Simple by Thief a liar

  35. We all know Tramp is not the smartest man!

  36. No Leftist would die for their country without herbal tea and guys being girls lol

  37. Trump is a truly execrable character.

  38. Anyone is smart compared to the leader of the mental midgets.

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