Rules Of A Relationship – Should Women Go 50/50 While Dating? | Listen To Black Women

Rules Of A Relationship – Should Women Go 50/50 While Dating? | Listen To Black Women

On this episode of Listen to Black Women, the ladies are discussing how money affects the…


  1. The CUTEST (one in the yellow) has the most self value and sense. No more black pick me please all ladies need to be like the pretty one (yellow πŸ§₯ jacket)

  2. free rides thats all i hear dont want to do anything but want money

  3. Double standard hypocrisy from women.Want to be treated like women but don't want to be women.HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?!!!

  4. How can you be a leader at work and still have the strength to cook after work???,This is why y'all have relationship issues.If y'all want a good black woman come to Africa,we have all variations from curly to coiled hair,yellow to rich dark brown skin tone,smaller to fuller features.

  5. Women telling men to not have unrealistic expectations all while having unrealistic expectations πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ. But the crazy part is that all of this boss b!tch, I got my own sh!t mentality goes out the window soon as u get married. It's like women want no parts of financial responsibility when it comes to marriage. Men paying the mortgage is fine. But paying ALL of the bills while the woman still wants to go out on dates and he pay for all that too is just simply UNREALISTIC

  6. Shorty in the orange a Gemini . Gemini Swag β™ŠοΈ

  7. In a marriage.. he asked me what else do I bring to the table.. I pay a couple bills.. he still wanted more. I am working over 50 hours a week

  8. I see why pretty tony said what he said whenever I hear women like this

  9. This isn't even funny at all!!!what planet are these woman from

  10. Any woman that listen to this craziness deserves no man!!!!!

  11. Every one of you are full of crap. Come back in ten years and let's get you all to talk about your lists of relationship failures.
    Oh dont be confused…I didn't pick this to watch, it just popped up.
    This is 100 percent rabid delusion.

  12. Modern feminist independent women should go 50/50 with modern men or pay for some dates. Traditional men are looking traditional women. Average women don’t want average men and High value men want high value traditional women. However, You can wait until you are 50 and pay everything for a 25 year old.

  13. All 4 of these Dogs need to be put to sleep πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄

  14. These 304s all of them are delusional

  15. Modern women wanting traditions men… somebody make it make sense

  16. I watched this with a sense of incredulity. The woman in the yellow jacket is a greedy hypergamous gold digger. A man with any sense of self worth would see her for what she is and not would not enter a relationship with her. It was said that a man who does not reach a certain financial level should not aim high and basically settle for what he can get but a woman should never settle. The usual double standard that is all too common in the female mindset these days. Finally they expect a man to pay for a date. What this says is my time is more valuable than your time so you have to pay for it. What sort of relationship dynamic is that? If a man of any value is out on a date he accepts that he will pay for it, but if his date does not even make a gesture towards contributing to the cost that man will take note of that. Men are simple creatures and are easy to please but they are not stupid and do not like being used. A man of any value, which women say they want, will end any such relationship and look for someone who appreciates them. If these women want a decent man in their life their first step should be to ditch their entitled, self absorbed narcissist egos and ask themselves what they could bring to a relationship. They are lovely to look at and will attract a lot of male attention but if they want to keep a man that is a totally different matter.

  17. "I don't think you should ever settle a day in your life"

  18. Want you to buy them a house, and they'll "trick" on you with a cheeseburger.

  19. All I got to say is young men need to totally forget about women and focus on build a career, because women have no sympathy for a man making average income. Also, men who have made it to the top need to be ruthless with their standards for women. They need to understand their worth and have an abondance mindset just like women and be willing to work away. πŸ’₯GuysπŸ’₯never let a woman know your financial situation even if you are making millions, because women date opportunistically and they will take advantage of you if you lead with money. Men don’t care about a women’s money, because just all this ladies agree β€œhis money is our money, but her money is her money β€œ. More importantly, never ever forget to sign a prenuptial agreement if you choose o get married or you will regret it. Stay safe guys, beware and be warned.

  20. missed this series so much!!!! just got my life ladies <3

  21. These women are not even worth any guys time. I’m trying to figure out who who actual date these type of women!

  22. My wife is $92k in the savings but not for the women

  23. β€œIf he’s broke, he better have DRIVE, AMBITION, & CONVICTION”

  24. That’s a damn lie, i been married 8 yrs to a beautiful black woman, and ain’t never attacked her in any way, ya’ll bugging!

  25. Delusional women fellas let’s stop dating these women

  26. A woman that wants you to pay everything while she keeps her is a narcissist

  27. Any woman out there black, brown or blue if you are listening to these stupid immature woman and taking their advice just understand the consequences! They ALL single and unmarried ALL of them and that will be the END result! So have your fun now but you will be on the same couch with them lonely complaining and bitter! Very stupid decision to doom yourself if you ask me!

  28. The lady in orange is preaching the truth

  29. Things that these women don't get is if you want traditional men then don't complain when he says you need to be a traditional woman in a relationship. Its 100% for both men and women.

  30. Modern women want a traditional man….And That Traditional man gets a selfish Rat…

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