Roseaux feat. Blick Bassy – Kaät | A COLORS SHOW

Roseaux feat. Blick Bassy – Kaät | A COLORS SHOW

Let Cameroonian singer-songwriter Blick Bassy serenade you with the gentle intonations of ‘Kaät’, which is taken from French outfit…


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  1. this shows how music is a full body experience – movement and music are one.

  2. Toque 🇧🇷👏🏻🤩

  3. Thank you colors for being us this masterpiece

  4. É inspirado no Brasil com certeza!!!🇧🇷

  5. This is touching and elegant. Just beautiful

  6. GE si tu lis ça, tu es une lumière qui inspire le monde ne l'oublie jamais

  7. MERCI ! Caressant, dansant ! Comme un petit vent de printemps !
    MERCI !

  8. Well listen to all the Brazilian music of the 70s if you're ignorantly depressed with rauminized rap and empty raggaeton

  9. best tune  of the year <3 thank you <3

  10. יהונתן טפירו

    לפני שנייה

    last year i worked at a alternative elemantry school, i worked with a teacher who would once a week play on his guitar this song at morning to the students, the students were all super relaxed and waited for him to play, and it was a peacefull and amazing time i would never forget, and gave me hope in education, specially in those rough times

  11. Beautiful voice 😰😍

  12. This soul heals my soul instantly

  13. I don't even know why I resist not instantly liking

  14. If you want to hear one of the most amazing songs: listen to his song "Mpondol" Its incredible!!!!!

  15. OMG notre Blick Bassy sur COLORS, first cameroonian artist/singer on the show waoooouuuhhhh Cameroon represented

  16. Vraiment ils est dans une autre sphère BillIK de la très bonne musique 🤘🏾

  17. this tone moves and inspires a lot though i do not understands what he sings . his is simply the best

  18. There is so much grace in this divine voice, body and instrumental. So soothing, it makes me smile each time. Thank you 🙂


  20. For those wishing to learn the language Blick Bassy is singing, it is called Basàa and it is from Cameroon. You can get online classes in Basàa at

  21. Call +41798843071 for amazing stories and discussion about music
    We all love this and everybody needs to share his passion

  22. Does anyone know how this kind of tunic is called?


  24. This song makes me forget that the world is suspended.

  25. We're the future the future is Africa we're front of the future we're out of the future we're those that make the future happen the future got he meaning because of us the plan of the future is base on us if we're not the future do not have meaning we're the cumilation existance……..🖤

  26. I need a translation of this wonderful song! Please!

  27. That man with a diaper is an amazing singer

  28. Such a beautiful music! / Qué bella canción!

  29. uber driver: looks at his outfit. says.. You're gonna be on Colors right? Do you sing or….
    Blick Bassy: mmm

  30. Quand je ne me sens pas bien tu me reconfortes grâce à ta musique

  31. More Cameroon artists oh pls!!! We are a countru w/ so much talent waiting to explode haha

  32. I dont know what language it is but it sounds so so so pretty when he sings like UGH it just flows and rolls off his tongue when he sings

  33. He was vibing str8 from the beginning ✋

  34. 🇨🇲 Cameroon forever 💕

  35. What kind of flute is that ?

  36. Quel douceur… ça fait du bien !

  37. Oh DEAR GOD! his voice the guitar the flute!! ITS PURE HEARGASM! And the dude is livin it ❤️

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