Rihanna – What Now (Official)

Rihanna – What Now (Official)

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  1. still hits me hard in 2022

  2. God damn. Billion isnt even close to enough. What the fuck did i just hear.. 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 fucking gorgeous.

  3. Sir yes sir halloween kills rooftop tried of old stuff

  4. here I am in 2022 listening to the song that rocked my adolescence. Rihanna if the world was to be remade this is who was going to be my wife. I love you more than anything 🫀

  5. Today's Date. Friday, July 29, 2012. 8 years ago. 15 hours ago.

  6. We miss your Music Queen!. We love you from Philippines 💚

  7. I forgot about this song

  8. я уже забыла а чем был вапрс

  9. извяните эт вы а ком?

  10. пачему диану никто не хочет игоря спросы

  11. ага паездим пл

  12. широкие ноздри

  13. The first seconds of the song when she sang sounded like an early 2000s Gwen Stefani or Vanessa Carlton Type of song to me. I remember this song but i thought it‘s way older than 10 years🤣🤣🤣

  14. My babygirl was just born while this song was playing in the waiting room!! ❤️ Since we couldn’t agree on a name, we decided to name her Rihanna !! The song my man made for me called “Clover Cage – Lost Then Found” on YouTube proves how good of a dad he will be!! Wishing everyone a happy day today 🙂


  16. 2022 qui est encore la 😢😢😙😙

  17. девочка не плачь

  18. 25 years of suffering from depression and the words to this song still cut deep as hell

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