Rebelde | Official Trailer | Netflix

Rebelde | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hola haters. Are you ready for us? Rebelde premieres on Netflix on January 5.



  1. It's "Jana" written here, then why all pronounce her "Hana"?

  2. I don't know if it's just me but who else wants to see Netflix include both Rebelde way and RBD in their streaming platform in the united states, for all those who still hold the childhood memories of these two iconic shows and were fans/ are still fans.

  3. Classic woke platform, but I actually enjoyed it despite.

  4. Are some speaking European Spanish?

  5. Where are the Mexicans? Adonde estan los Mexicanos?

  6. i watched the show for andi and emilia but i really liked it omg hoping for season 2 !!!!! don't let andi and emilia break up, thanks x

  7. Una muy buena serie, esperamos renovarla para una segunda temporada 🔥🔥😍😍❤️❤️🎵🎵👏👏
    La joven actriz ♡Azul Guaita♡ tiene un brillante futuro por delante. es legendario ❤️❤️😍👏

  8. holy shit wait, estan unas de las actrices originales! Celina y Pilar ! are they playing thessame characters omg i'ma go watch this, its a sequel? ok ok ok asi si i'm more cool with this than before, they're not trying to remake and replace the OGs, and the songs i hope are more of a homage to the group that was there before them , i'ma shut up and stop speculating and just watch this now , actually more excited now 😀

  9. I do hope Netflix adds back the old REBELDE tho cuz i am rewatching and its tough doing that on random sites with all the popups lol

  10. Im a fan of Rebelde from way back in my teenage years. Hence my name including the band name.. This new version looks pretty good in this trailer. I was ok with it all actually till they started singing the song.. I hope they get their own songs and origibal soundtrack , the others will always be RBD's music.. Id love to hear this new group with new and original songs that would be purely associated with the new group.. Also btw cameos of the OGs would be awesome i know id cry if i saw that lol

  11. Si está bien me gustó mucho 👍👍

  12. Es una pena que allí tampoco participara el hijo de Celina Ferrer, si no me falla la memoria en las últimas partes estaba embarazada.
    Seria mas interesante.🤩
    Btw. Luka es mi personaje favorito me reí mucho 🤣 y me encanta su acento argentino

  13. Es OK, mucho "wanna be" Rebelde.

  14. Bro there’s no damn development with these characters 💀

  15. omg! when I was little I watched Rebelde way, then latter Rebelde (RBD) and now Spain is doing their version. I'm curios already

  16. I wait for sesone 2 borfavor

  17. Rebelde gang !!!mi primer concierto

  18. Que tremenda porqueria..

  19. LOVED THE SERIES! Hope there is more!

  20. Apuesto que es una porquería Comparada a la original…

  21. Elite in alternative universe :

  22. I saw this on Netflix two days ago and I was so surprised to see it that they made a reboot to the show. I'm a happy Rebelde fan in the U.S. and watching this made me relive my teenage years. I honestly don't even know how many fanboy moments I had watching the references to the old show while embracing the new generation. Felicitaciones para todos en la nueva generación de Rebelde, que me gustó mucho la primera temporada de la serie. 😁

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