Real Shocking Reason KFC in Kenya Refused to Buy Potatoes from Local African Farmers

Real Shocking Reason KFC in Kenya Refused to Buy Potatoes from Local African Farmers

Welcome to 2nacheki’s Africa in the news and today we will Cover the #KFCPotatoGate saga in Kenya and show you How the West has been…


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  1. What kfc is doing to their potatoes im sure we don’t want it with all its pesticides and whatever else they add to it

  2. Cold 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  3. An enterprising Kenyan should open up an all Kenyan sourced fried chick restaurant and compete directly with KFC.

  4. to be honest, it is the type of potato..just as not all apples make good apple pie, not all potatoes make good fries.. some are too starchy..

  5. See why I don't like the idea of foreign investment, not that it's not a good idea but African governments should prioritize local investment more

  6. Chickens cows is pumped up with hormones which is affecting our children the hormones is in the milk of the cows making the children big American food is not healthy

  7. America is introducing their country to lab food food that has GMO and its food has a lot of artificial flavoring in it America’s food has no nutrients in their food

  8. African needs to wake up and stop relying on America for everything because Africa is the country of abundance that fake glitter and glam from America is nothing but chaos confusion fear and doubt. Stop going to kfc

  9. KFC kiambu fried Corn lol

  10. Any business in Africa that cannot support their own boycott them run their asses out of business.PERIOD!!!! THEY NEED TO LEARN HOW TO RESPECT THEIR OWN! IT'S A MUST THAT WE START SUPPORTING OUR OWN.

  11. They fact is that they would rather run out of goods than to buy anything from you. But we are so thirsty for their acceptance that we would rather allow their brands to suck the wealth from the mother land than to support our own fast food. You can't tell me that there's no where in Kenya to buy fried chicken.

  12. We see this movie before,McDonald's tried the same nonsense in Jamaica and locals simply did not support as a result they was starved out.The solution is simple,creat your own local fast food brands and in a healthy way with your own local producers,don't support them at all.We are in 2022,say no to there gmos,it's that simply

  13. I never go to KFC.I make my own fish and chips.

  14. It seems to me that we don't deserve most of our leaders coz they don't have the guts to stand up against this.

  15. Let it pack and leave the Kenyan markets for GOOD.

  16. I see why Business interest rate is so high in Africa
    Subsidies takes away. No wonder the local Poultry industry is Collapsing.
    I am going to Challenge KFC on the continent.
    I am starting my own chicken farms and will source ingredients locally and value add to the chicken. And then open a fast food restaurant to be KFCs competition on the continent.
    It's starts small. But we will get there.
    We need to get rid of their poison foods that they bringing ok to continent in the form dead imported frozen chicken 🐔🍗

  17. Telling Africans to stop going to KFC is like telling African women to stop buying whitening cream from Asian vendors.African women need to stop hating themselves for not looking white enough. And kick out your racist leaders who are white puppets in 'blackface'.

  18. KFC is only regarded as cool by small time social climbers. The gullible and the delusional. Their food is novel. Worth trying once so you can say you’ve tried it. Very Limited menu such as you would expect from a small shack and the portions are small. It is popular because their marketing is fantastic. Sophisticated cultures see it as a joke food for the uneducated and underprivileged, the Caribbean Rastas and everyone else, France sees it as dog poop, junk food, as do Italy, Japan, Europe and most of Asia. It finds favour in countries that idolise American movies. But it is as artificial and crass as America itself, it promises much but delivers little. It’s from a time when fast foods were new, and KFC is one of the most popular because they have been in the market the longest. Though in America they are not as popular as they once were because they have a lot of competition, with bigger portions and variety.
    Kenya’s desire for this franchise shows they are not up to date. KFC is a 20th century food. A relic from the past. I live in London and we don’t eat Kentucky anymore!
    In Africa it is generally considered that rich people are fat and poor people are slim? Right? While in the west, rich people are slim because they eat healthily and so live longer. While the poor are fat because they eat wrong foods such as KFC, Mc Donald’s etc. (Beauty standards also differ and must be taken in consideration)
    The west disrespects fat people, they are considered menial, with bad lifestyle choices, uneducated, uncaring, slow. And most people (not teenagers, who are gullible) are embarrassed to be seen in a fast food joint. “Do they have a secret addiction to chemicals, fat and salt? No imagination?” I admit I have eaten there a few more times than I should have, but it’s because it was as a last resort. In a airport or strange cities late at night where the only places open were fast food joints and I was very hungry.
    But I feel KFC is using Africa as their last resort as they are no longer popular in the rest of the world.
    I agree with many of the comments on here that many if not all western franchises like this are parasitical in nature and rather than outsourcing half the profits, build your own brands using the breadth and wealth of knowledge available in the world. And make it taste better! Not even buying African produce is cheeky!

    Funny story; I saw one KFC in Mandeville Jamaica, it sells Kentucky Jerk Chicken and they had to source all they could from Jamaica in order to be able to open it. …but there is no Mc Donald’s in Jamaica because they were going to lose their court case against a mister McDonald, so left rather than pay him millions.

  19. Forget the potatoes where do they source the chicken from? MMmmmmmm….. Another can of worms! The saga continues, Kenyans just stop falling for these unhealthy choices and just support local foods which is organic and un contaminated and natural. GOD BLESS AFRICA!

  20. The only disgusting fast food I like. But I will boycott. I can go without it. Especially for such a just cause.

  21. Yes boycott KFC……Money talks, no money talks even louder. I can not understand why they won't support the country that is supporting them. I will also tell them from my country Australia.

  22. They feel to make money out of us not for African to benefit

  23. You worshipping them, so stoppp empty talk and submit what ever they told you to do.

  24. Kenya we have a problem…its not about western media or influence…our government and we kenyans are the problem…we are complaining about kfc on twitter yet we cant complain on twitter about sugar eggs toothpick even matchbox..fertilizers maize etc for me thats hypocricy on kot and kenyans

  25. Potatoes are acid anyway

  26. Egypt 🤔🤔🤔 can farm potatoes but of Kenya cannot you wright 😏😏😏 it's the system Egypt has so much Monopoly over east Africa causing disturbed war and flooding the market with their produce

  27. Last time it was Germany flying onions into Cameroon and killing off local homegrown onions .Now we have Americans KFC trying to kill off potatoes farmers.Neocolonialism

  28. This is what they do to keep Africa broke, they think we never read a book about warfare. Support our own and create our own brands is the solution. Funny how a restaurant that creates obesity complains about quality when the food itself is Toxic-junkfood.

  29. Wale kfc at your ownrisk

  30. Why patronise them, when they can't buy from you. 😔

  31. KFC is poison food, I stopped eating KFC 20 years ago. Boycott is always the best way and the only way to get any policy changed. Money Talks and Bull 🐂 walks! Support Nubian African Business and you'll get the respect you deserve. ✊🏾💪🏿🇰🇪

  32. Wanna better open wanna eyes

  33. NO MORE FREE TRADE DEALS! Only FAIR TRADE where we charge their countries business' the same fees they charge our countries business'. Yes, the imf and world bank … help eh? At a high cost called outta biz and even death. NO THANKS!

  34. RIGHT ON! Our food is now poison all over earth and here in Cali, USA, and we must change back to nature and farmers controling it all, and bill gates and governments out! ….except to help fund farmers locally and real sustainability processes organic and nature made 🙂
    Thank you!

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