Reacting to Bravo Le Roux and YoungstaCPT's Song “Yabo?!”

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Reacting to Bravo Le Roux and YoungstaCPT's Song “Yabo?!”

In this video, join me as I share my genuine reactions to the electrifying collaboration between Bravo Le Roux and YoungstaCPT in their song “Yabo?!” Get ready for a musical journey filled with surprises, catchy beats, and an honest review of the track. Whether you’re a fan of these artists or just curious about new music, this reaction video…



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  1. To translate what Bravo is saying
    The language is IsiXhosa. Spoken in South Africa, it’s the same language Nelson Mandela spoke.

    The hook translation is:

    I’m from the township (Ghetto), you see?

    I’m taking up space, you see?

    My drip is soaking, you see?

    And I pull up with Youngsta, you see?