Rare earths crunch? Why we need them and who has them | Business Beyond

Rare earths crunch? Why we need them and who has them | Business Beyond

You may not have heard of most rare earths, but the 17 metallic elements known as rare earths…


  1. Green deal writes law do 10x more precious metals involved with smog makers used to get precious ,be like California with blackouts and brownouts when it takes a months worth of electricity to recharge and science hasn't figured out how to recycle renewables hitting the dump, remediation energy a 5-10 year battery and solar 20? With no used vehicle business or right to repair but if it only lasts 10 years ,no mention of history channel documentary 15 years ago compressed air vehicles but somehow they were banned was like 125 miles for 2 bucks at home price and can be filled fast as gas vehicles so carbon footprint? Green only means money and war and toxic planet for planet air with 48 volcanos spewing melting ice and sun and earthquakes and lightning seas roaring but money in our pockets will solve it / Maybe they can acoustic levitate,, capture star in jar ,,and frequency shape print ,,let harden or epoxy,, and print future ?

  2. Basically this documentary went from informative and knowledgeable to political views. I'm damn sure if US has the monopoly over rare earths they won't even use the word "dominating global supply chains".

  3. Schande und Schande. Deutschland soll eine solche Macht sein und schickt immer noch keine Waffen für die Verteidiger der Ukraine. Eine Papiermacht, die Putin anruft und fragt, wie sie die Ukraine unter sich aufteilen werden (Deutschland, Frankreich und Russland). Sie sind die gleichen wie Russland. Scham und Schande einfach

  4. I couldn't pay attention bc of the botox 😬

  5. food problems 🛒:Ask BIDEN AND ZALESNKI about the industrial 😉🤐🤑🤐😂😂🛒🎢economical complex of NATO North Atlantic Bankers Treaty Organization of dollar as global reserve currency 💱 💱

  6. There is no rare earth problem, there's only problem between the west and China

  7. China should charge western demoncrazy various green taxes on exporting rare earth & goods to improve China living environment & green technologies

  8. We Chinese control a large part of it 😁 on Earth and Moon ❤👍

  9. Remenber that the late president Magufuli stopped Chinese taking Earth , or Sands from Tanzania to China Why . WHY.

  10. Journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh shot and killed by the Israeli occupation forces

  11. Journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh shot and killed by the Israeli occupation forces

  12. China is a v reasonable country. Don’t make her unreasonable.

  13. Around the 8:00 minute mark is one of the most accurate comments I have heard on globalism.

  14. !!! Be friend with China is the best way !!! WIN WIN
    Else pay fair price for environment protect fee + pollution recover fee from historic interest till now + human rights justice fee … will then a fair deal.
    TO whom scrified the most to gain to own the most. UNIVERSE RULE OF LAW. Don't be naive or jealous.
    Yes! you can recycle everything out inside your own country .Very good.please ! !!

  15. the western countrys better wake up and make a law that we dont trade with crooked governments or communist goverment s for our own safety

  16. chians rare earths are going to make it so u cant grow any food at all in china and drink water in china will kill u if they keep this up.

  17. canada has any thing that the world needs so spend your money here in canada .we have 90 of the fresh water and most of the worlds food and fuel and more land for each person then any country in the world. and more trees then any other country to

  18. "To reduce dependence on China, Europe went to Russia…"
    How ironic is that!

  19. I am Russian and I will tell you the following, do not worry about rare earth elements. according to your experts, the share of production of elements for clean energy plants is less than 10%. this means that the extraction of rare earth elements should increase by 10 times, the amount of energy on clean energy should also increase by 10 times. this is a huge expense and a lot of time. to this it is worth adding 90% of tire production in Europe are components from Russian gas, you refuse this, but the wheels cannot be changed to wood, all the increase in traffic is now a problem. We wonder every day, at first – why you stop the work of your factories, and then why we did not open such at home. I don't touch politics, only economics. All our people have become bad in a month and I stop being surprised when I see what you are doing at home, I have no evil, I'm just trying to understand you, but I don't see the logic to discuss the number of places of extraction of rare earth elements if there is nowhere to process them into goods.

  20. Who controls them ? Show China flag ….

  21. No to all kinds of minning

  22. How do you make a Documentary on Rare Earth Minerals and not mention Thorium once? The Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactor is the key to many of the problems facing the World. It will provide cheap safe abundant electricity to any nation that embraces it.

    Thorium is a byproduct of extracting other Rare Earth Minerals. So it's abundant even if extracting it raised overall costs. (Recently Thorium is leached out with acid. A process that renders the Thorium trapped and useless in a dangerous Solution. Another Process has been developed, though, at the mine in Southern CA.) Demand for Thorium should keep pace with Supply if nations embrace LFTR Reactor technology. The LFTR Nuclear Reactor is intrinsically safe and easily monitored for any Proliferation threat.

    Look it up. There's plenty of YouTube videos that explain it to whatever detail you want.

    Then, please help spread the word

  23. 14:10 I have a wild idea for this one. Since rare earths, the process of mining it, and also its wastage (actually all natural resources for that matter) affects our environment and consequently climate change, the international community should outlaw the ownership of all natural resources, that are required by humanity for her survival and development, from the country upon whose land that the natural resource was found, and instead put it all under the jurisdiction of the UN, who will then distribute them to internationally-owned companies that will be responsible for extracting the full potential of the resource in producing the tech/products/things that humanity needs. Win-win for the human race, our planet, and no one gets a monopoly of any natural resource, or any global economic power from purely being lucky to have a natural resource within your border. Also removes the threat of a stronger power eyeing the territory of a smaller nation who's in possession of a rare but much-needed natural resource.

  24. NZ may beat Australia at most thing's. But Australia is winning where it matters 💰💰💸💸

  25. Red China are building a military base on the Solomon islands because they need the break the USA/AUS Rare Earth partnership and supply lines..

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