Raised by Wolves | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Raised by Wolves | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Mother was programmed to protect everyone after Earth had been destroyed. When the big bad wolf…



  2. One of the best shows ever made, such a shame HBO cancelled it, fvck them tbh.

  3. Underated Show !! I give it 8;5/10 All actors are great. Young and old. Specially Travis Femmel known from the serie Vikings. Ridley Scott is Amazing !! The music is also fantastic. It's a SF serie to love. It's unique. My thanks to the writers and creators. My respect.

  4. I'm boycotting HBO for canceling this amazing show on a cliffhanger

    Please join me

  5. So this is where ragnar went after he left.

  6. Please if HBO doesn't want it, please sell it to Amazon Prime… very sad.

  7. I really love this show, glad that has been renewed, the new season is cool.

  8. Worth a watch, but possibly the most dire, crappest theme music i have ever heared

  9. I am Ragnar Lothbrok 😠😾…and I am the king of Kattegat.🤘💪

  10. This is just vikings in the future

  11. Alguém aí notou que o androide "Pai" ficou mais "cheinho" na 2a Temporada?

  12. This show is in a league of it's own!

  13. Should be called "Raised by Wokes" Amanda Collin: Must be fashionable to not look like a man or a woman.

  14. One of the best trailer mixes I've ever heard. Who did the sound design?

  15. Wow. This show is so subliminal

  16. Please Hindi Dubbed voices

  17. Please hindi dubbed All 2 season Pleaseclove U from pakistan

  18. Please Hindi dubbed 2 season

  19. Bro… Hindi me kab aayegi?

  20. I feel like I want to watch this series but one thing I hate about watching my favorite shows is that it always cancels and it ruined my mood to watch. Like: "Nine Lives of Chloe King", "Spider – Man series", "Nikita" and "Kyrpton".

  21. All I see was Ragnar Lothbrok

  22. its like the best show ive ever seen probably

  23. من اجمل وأروع تريل لعمل سينمائي

  24. This show defies the PC narratives infecting nearly every other big budget show on TV today, and simply tells a good story. Whether the feminists are sometimes good or bad, whether the white people are sometimes heroes or villains, and same for the other people groups. Hollywood should take note. When you tell a story and stop trying to preach a PC sermon, inspiration is honest and effective.

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