Rais Uhuru afanya mkutano wa ghafla na Naibu wa Raila William Ruto

Rais Uhuru afanya mkutano wa ghafla na Naibu wa Raila William Ruto.

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  1. Odinga presented himself to the people of Kenya and they elected him. You nyang’au stole elections now you are making noise telling him to present himself to the people with no shame. Hata hamuogopi Mungu, kila saa munaimba Mungu. You have no shame. There is no secret you pay one day.

  2. And this is why I feel for those kieleweke people because the same way Ouru abandoned his deputy is the same way he will abandon them come 2022. They went out there calling the DP all manner of things thinking that the president had their back, their people who elected them started turning their backs on them and now have realised that all along they were lied to, come closer to 2022 which will be next year they will be on their own and it will be extremely hard for them to convince people that they are in DP's camp, they will go home one by one….

  3. Orengo you don't know what you are saying or where you are heading to. ODM lost and you should accept that and wait for 2022. DP Ruto was not elected alone so if you are impeaching DP Ruto you are also impeaching the President secretly. Mr President kindly open your eyes and watch out. ODM have a secret hidden agenda. First they scatter the Jubilee party and are killing it slowly and now impeachment of your DP??????? Think about it.God protect our President and our Deputy President.


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