Prove Me Wrong: Earth Day Edition with Ronny Chieng | The Daily Show

Prove Me Wrong: Earth Day Edition with Ronny Chieng | The Daily Show

Earth Day, the day that we all come together to celebrate the planet that we share. Ronny Chieng…


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  1. Ronny: “Nobody knows what we just said”
    Me who speaks Mandarin:

  2. Each correspondent brings their own humor and style, which is what I love about this show

  3. the pedant in me says palaentologist, not archaeologist

  4. I love all the correspondents so much, and yet somehow I think I love Ronny the most

  5. Nobody remembered to mention the sun while outside?!

  6. I wanted to know like is this all script. Or real interaction.

  7. ✨”that’s how they got extinct!”🤣🤣✨

  8. I would prove Ronnie wrong on every point but alas, I do not live in New York.

  9. I know what you said Im Chinese

  10. That Malaysia segment is SOOOO true.

  11. Prove me wrong segments,are the fkn best!!!

  12. A plant that may have gone extinct may have had the properties/chemicals to cure cancers and other diseases, so, it’s possible if it was extant with us we could use/need it.

  13. 3:53 that man is not totally wrong, I guess. If we ate those things, we would breed them to not go extinct. Chicken and cows were not supposed to survive this long either.

  14. this feels like a wrong day wrong spot for the Earth to get props.

  15. big hair side ponytail glasses guy is a whole episode of "When keeping it real goes wrong"

  16. The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to not have a kid. Prove me wrong

  17. Thanks earth day!, one day we will both laugh about this…one day…happy ea…!

  18. Why would you ask people in NY about what's great about Earth? They are practically guarding against it everyday!

  19. That kid is brilliant!! If dinosaurs didn't exist in the first place, we would not have fossil fuels to turn into oil that powers cars and planes.

  20. "My friend Eric he owns a parakeet" was just hilarious.

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