President Ruto, DP Gachagua react to Ndidi rhetoric

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  1. Either Gachagua doesnt listen to his advisor or his advisors opted to throw him to a pit

    Look, he should stop attacking previous govt. Whether they failed or not, hio si kazi yake. It is the president who is supposed to be answerable

    Gachagua should work on the tea and coffee sectors he promised. Currently they are in a worse state than he found them

    Gachagua to stop attacking Uhuru and any Kikuyu. Ruto nevrr attacks his own, no matter how evil they are.

    Ruto wants to finish Gachagua using you g boys

    Ndindi may think he is the saviour but he may end up burning his fingers as well

  2. Back day when I was in high school I used to be a prefect and once in awhile i used to engineer strikes and boycotts for my own reasons then without getting caught because I would indirectly incite form 2s and hand headed form one's….Ruto is behind this Ndindi Gachagua episode's


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