President Museveni FEARLESSLY MOCKS Sudan for Identifying as Arabs! This is Identity Crisis!

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President Museveni FEARLESSLY MOCKS Sudan for Identifying as Arabs! This is Identity Crisis!

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  1. And Africa has had the problem of tribalism, of fake populism from leaders like you who have been in power for over 30 years and don’t want to give up power. You think that the government belongs to your families. We as Africans hate each other, this tribe hates that other tribe, and so on, we are easily corrupted because of this.

  2. I just love this president he speak it as it is. He is awaken to our plight and the issues of our race and the division impose on us. If only the other puppet president can wake up too.

  3. Why are talking about arabs ? You are talking about identity and don't have african language. Don't speak english. English is not your language.

  4. What’s an arab?, is not a race, it’s not an ethnic group, is a language. I always said, arab speaking people. She or he can be a Syrian, an Algerian, a Lebanese etc…etc…you can be green, yellow, bleue and speak the language. Same thing for the Latinos, in the us, went you go to the dmv to renew your driver license or the license plate, you can see the picture of someone, on the description part, you can read, race : Latin. I always said no, Latin is not a race, now on the census forms or others, Latin is not anymore a race.

  5. Mr president Museveni you are wrong, true Arabs are black not white, all of Africa was black before the white man came there. The true black Arabs have been displaced and replaced by white colonialists just like they did in America, Australia, Africa and now Palestine, they are all the same people, Esau.

  6. Indians were fooled by the white man and were taken to the Caribbean and other countries as indentured servants and later worked in the fields. Their identities were changed and given English names. They had to learn English/ broken English. They made the bestvof the situation. Should all of us revert to our ancestry and change everything once more??? Why not concentrate on the positive and work with what you have now.
    To me he's stirring up trouble. Talk with yhe Government of that nation and make some sort of plan for those people who wants to change thei identity.
    Even Jews who say they are Jews are not really "Jews". Being Jewish tells you of what religion you are.

  7. There are more than 10 slums in Africa, why not focus on that and take those people out of their misery.
    There are a lot of resources which are managed by the foreign countries. Why not change that situation.
    Africans, as far I know have to pay for Medical and Education whilst the Europeans and Israelis have free Education and Healthcare.
    To me there are much more important subjects as listed above to focus one's to attention on.
    Idi Amin deported more than fifty thousand Indians from Uganda while they were earning their keep and was not depending on the government to give them handouts. They were building up Africa.
    Amazing what these leaders concentrate their efforts on.

  8. Sudan is the African country with the highest Arab genes more than North African countries which have less genetic heritage from Arabia.
    Being Arab however is not about ethnicity. It's a culture and a shared language.

  9. 100% is true wht president said like in somalia same of us try to say we are arabis and we are not for sure we are not terorists the evils are from emaratis saudi qatari shabab are from there dont tell us such nasty things about arabis we ware here 5000 years ago even the arabis warenot a love hey dont tell us shit

  10. Countries like Mauritius island, when they call someone from african continental side, they call him an african. Their half blood from indian and Chinese does prevent them to be called africans.

  11. 😎…the countries above the Sahara, including Sudan and Djibouti ARE ARAB countries. REAL Arabs spoke Arabic FROM THE BEGINNING. Don’t be fooled by the pale-skins who call themselves Arabs (ie. Tulunids, et al.), they are invaders from Central Asia. They are Turkic people from the mountains by the Caspian Sea😊. REAL ARABS are highly eumelanated… of course, if there was a mixed marriage and the mother IS /WAS a REAL ARAB, then the child is an Arab.

    I know people of other religions, when talking with them I never mention religion because some, including my religion, are consumed by man-made religion and go WAY overboard with their bizarre man-made dogmatic philosophy . These religions DO NOT focus on the INNER WORLD, the POWER WITHIN, DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS. They focus on the OUTSIDE world and man-made dogma which is WHY they are not mature enough to UNITE SPIRITUALLY which is the one thing common in EUMELANATED people😎.

  12. Between the arab n European , they made africans a fragment of who they really are…………..mind is gone………….some think they are europeans arabs n even indians……🤔🤔🤔