President Kenyatta's 'AFRICA IS NOT FOR THE TAKING' Speech Ranked Best of 2020

President Kenyatta's 'AFRICA IS NOT FOR THE TAKING' Speech Ranked Best of 2020

Welcome to the Great African Leadership Series where we feature great, inspirational Speeches and quotes from African Leaders. President…


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  2. When they thought they were slipping a drug in the drink and you switch the cups….


  3. Afrikans remember that a chain is as strong as it's weakest link, so if there's weak Afrikan leaders they can not be a part of the chain, why should afrika have all this resources and yet the people are constantly suffering and being taken advantage of, it's got to be the weak afrikan leaders causing it, Afrika is so rich and yet the people are so poor, (WHY ) ???? ..much love from the Caribbean.

  4. My Uhuru …thank you…they are nothing without us…now let actions follow

  5. What is that American flag standing for now🙄?Just asking…..Africans….. are we all here?🤔 Okay and can we locate the foreign flag? I'm still worried😥.

  6. We are ancestors not religious full of fantasies and fairy tale

  7. We are from sub Saharian Afrika and all I see its our politicians work for the other continent and make their millions more the government and people are working and watching, they are kidnappings and killings

  8. My fellow Africans, is talk really cheap?

  9. Why are his eyes red in the thumbnail…?

  10. I would say this though, it will be great if words are matched and follow by deeds. Uhuru's administration is the worst Kenya ever had and you will be told that by his supporters and adversaries alike…shame on him and others who say something and do just completely the opposite!!

  11. This channel is so bogus, it must powered by the enemies of a Blackman. Words never bring change, it's action that brings effectiveness. Stop spreading this phobia coz our problems aren't far, are just within us/in our societies.

  12. Fuck these speeching politicians

  13. Practice what you preach. If Africa is not for the taking then we need not take anything from the west which will rather kill us.

  14. No one should pay attention to this man. He is the same person giving away Kenya to be debt slaves of the west and China.

  15. If you doubt the wisdom and power of our ancestors .jst watch the space as we rise back into our greatness. AKHIBULANI!

  16. United States of Africa Now ….
    Of Africa to survive we must thing 300 yes into the future with the conquering in space

  17. Kenya 🇰🇪 has already been Taken by The British,French and China. When the west need to test drugs out Kenya is the first call they have to make. They have sterilized most of the females in many different parts of the country. This man is only a puppet of white minority capital

  18. Is that a white man in black face behind him?

  19. This guy bow down to the western government he even made deal with trump that the American farmers can sell their food to Kenya while Kenyan farmers lose business. Don’t trust this guy.

  20. The only people in the comments saying that this is a great speech are non-Kenyans.
    We Kenyans know better, knowing how corrupt the Kenyatta family is. That speech is nothing but lip service.

  21. Africa leaders must KNOW THRIR PLACE as related to the GEO POLITICAL ECONOMIC PLANS AND STRATEGIES OF INDUDTRIALISED NATIONS. They very disrespectfully see AFRICA as their colony: the wealth of which they can plunder at will and the people as MULES for cheap labour as in too many AFRICAN nation's, the leaders act as as agents for cheap labour only to live in a tiny spot of glory surrounded by filth and pretty. Hence the reason for SFRICA'S BEST RESOURCE,: ITS JUMAN RESOURCE,risking everything to reach where FOREIGN HUMAN RESOURCE IS BEST DEVELOPED and where the most developed of AFRICAN .HUMSN RRSOURCE is helping to develop but where regardless of their accomplishments they are always reminded that they are second or ladt class citizens.

  22. Didn’t Kenya just accept 21 million free doses of vaccinations from the W.HO.? You can’t vac your citizens with poisonous garbage on one hand then expect to actually achieve what the President is saying on the other. Not saying the speech doesn’t sound good but we should know by now that these politicians are exceptionally skilled “ear ticklers” that make the people feel so good but this is not foreplay and we are not bed fellows. This is our lives, and that of our children’s. Our humanity. Pay more attention to what they do rather than what they say. Figure heads are not the solution, we are.

  23. Am I blind or tht an American flag behind 😂😂🤣🤣

  24. Please keep this going we need to unite

  25. I'm Glad that He said this Africa is not for the taking. Black people are watching in the America's

  26. When an African leader raise up and says enough is enough is going to be labelled as a dictator and should be evicted from power by all means.

  27. Can you cover why, Afrikan leaders on the Continent haven't made a better pathway back home to AFRIKA for the Afrikans kidnapped children living in America and throughout the Diaspora? Do they overstand the 400 years of our disconnect from AFRIKA because, of the transatlantic slave trade? Can any of these Afrikan leaders read or have read about the history of slavery that the Arab, Portuguese, Spaniards and Europeans participated in? WHY HAVEN'T THESE LEADERS COME TOGETHER TO CREATE A PLAN FOR OUR RETURN? #IMDOINGGARVEY #IMGOINGHOMETOAFRIKA #IMBUILDINGINTANZANIA ❤🖤💚💯% ✊🏿

  28. Hi Africa listen..
    President is right, but
    we've had enough speeches for the mostly sedentary individuals..
    What do we fo????

  29. Al Sisi Government is a dangerous threat to Africa..Alsisi is uniting Arabs and other forces to terrorizing Africa and later to invade. African leaders should straight things out before this monster gets any further with his plan.

  30. Thank you Kenyata..I pray to hear this kind of ambition more and more..I pray more love, Harmony and prosperity for my beautiful continent.

  31. I would love any African leader in power to come out and condemn dictactor ship and mistreating of Africans within their own countries by our own leaders in Africa ,which is the main reason why Africa will never develop

  32. But what does that eye redness doing on the thumbnail?

  33. African SECURITY is as important as American security. All heads of Government on the African continent MUST declare their position on Security for their country. The new WORLD ORDER BELINGS TO AFRICANS.

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