Praveen Mohan – Indian History Retold & Rethought | The Ranveer Show 259

Praveen Mohan – Indian History Retold & Rethought | The Ranveer Show 259

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  1. Thx for interviewing my favorite hero PRAVEEN 💐💐🎊🎊🍫🍫

  2. Ranveer, as is your habit, when Praveen is going on about something very interesting, why do u disrupt with your own opinion and observations-and the discussed incident is broken off ….let the guest complete his insight DUDE!!!There we’re nearly 4-5 such times when u disrupted his conversation.He was too decent to tell u so!!

  3. We want a episode with string vinod

  4. We want a episode with ramgopal varma

  5. Love your unbridled enthusiasm and curiosity. I felt the exact same way when the subject turned to the Nagas.

  6. Not only youtube like other things of American origin is all about hypocrisy. They show porn on youtube but ban research/ analytic/scientific videos in name of nudity .

  7. Kudos , i dont see a tamil chauvinism in him ….. which is rare among tamils .

  8. Lol , Did you forgot vijayanagar empire .?
    They were hindu dynasty from south india . Its not like north india was fighting and south indians were enjoying .

  9. Evolution of construction in reverse. This happens in North Africa, South America and China. The older the structure, the more advanced the technology is. Modern historians and archeologists can't explain this, so they tend to ignore it.

  10. These temples were learning institutions…they were meant as an aid to the storytellers to keep the details accurate, interesting and ongoing…these marvels in India are such treasures that keep adding to the giant puzzle we are still piecing together… why this isn’t taught? It interferes with religion and many see this as demonic and antichrist because it challenges the christian stories taught and believed, even spell check attempted to capitalize the C in christian…instilled in the belief is that if you question your belief, you are automatically of bad character…stooooopido but ensures cult like compliance and blind participation heavily handed down by the Vatican, the last bastion of Roman influence. But soon, the Vatican too will become a very luxurious museum that belongs to the world as it contains works from around the world, lost history and science stolen during their reign.

  11. Is it possible that some of these stones and carvings are much older than 1000 or 2000 years? Could they be 8, 10, 20k yrs old?

  12. The Kallanai Dam we see now is built by British. The original was just some stones kept to divert some water for irrigation.

  13. what they teach in history books in india is filth and shit

  14. Good to watch my all time favourite youtubers in one place

  15. I’m so happy seeing Praveen Mohan in this show… I have asked many times and finally could see him… thank you so much for making this happen

  16. It's got nothing to do with being nude they don't want us to know that he is showing the real truth that his people are one of the first people who existed his cultural influence on any other person.

  17. I dont blame anyone but fact is our Govt archeological department isnt doing much too,,,im from US but my Roots is Amritsar ,Punjab India..nea4by my village there is one big mountain like thing and time to time people find many ancient utensils kind of thimgs from it,,,but lol archeological department never care ,,,,its almost gone now just small part left,,,so who to blame lol

  18. I'm English and Praveen Mohans videos fascinates me and many other people around the world. Amazing videos.

  19. Shivaji Maharaj never took pride for being Maratha King, he created hindwi swarajya for self rule of hindus. He even protected many temples in Karnataka

  20. This is one of those podcasts where you dont want it to finish so you keep pausing it just to digest the information that is given 💙

  21. Most respectable, admired person from history and archiology subjects perspective. I never had any interest in the history until I saw his videos

  22. It is obvious to me that not many archeological has been carried out in India for decades. Can anyone tell me the reason. 8:21

  23. Both legends.🔥_🔥

    We had both curving and the scriptures.

    But invaders have destroyed many of them.

  24. Praveen was one of the main reasons we stayed in Aurangabad for a few days on our honeymoon to India. Visited the Ellora and Ajantha caves as well as the great Kailasa temple. Definitely worth the trip and I recommend everyone to go, you will be shocked and amazed

  25. The nagas transformation in to humans is just the ancient version of the Darwin chart. And people standing around it could be a depiction of a classroom in which evolution is being taught and the naga chart shown to help the students visualise.

  26. These tempels are the main reason why India is my bucket list. The truth is out there.

  27. A lot of North Indian temples were converted to mosques. Another reason why we have fewer ancient temples.

  28. What if arrogantnes came in. Was a great statement.

  29. Thanks Mr Praveen and my man!

  30. Okay.. the interviewer seems lacking a lot on researching Mr. Mohan.

  31. Lathes were not 300-400 meters long. They were as long as the stones to be turned into cylindrical form. Praveen Mohan himself showed the remains of a manual vertical lathe and a manual horizontal lathe at Hoysala temple site. The pillars were rotated manually against a stationary tool. Lathes have existed in India and China for atleast 2500 years.

  32. Where did these so-called advanced technologies vanish? Were people fools to lose this advanced technology, or is it just wishful thinking this man is propagating?

  33. With every passing day, society improves; otherwise, we all would be monkeys, so studying the latest religion will strengthen our community more than studying ancient religions. All modern religions incorporate in themselves what was good in previous beliefs, just like what science does.

  34. Today Science understands nature better than any God did. Should we now not worship Science?

  35. All our Ancient temples have one main diety. But today, we have a Barat of Deities in every temple; why is this so? Is it because The more idols in a temple more the revenue of a Pandit / Brahmin? Has our religion become commercialised?

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