Pool Royal Rumble WWE Action Figure Match!

Pool Royal Rumble WWE Action Figure Match!

We Determine The First Ever Multiversal Champion in a Pool Royal Rumble Match!

30-Man, WWE…


  1. Who will be the First Ever Multiversal Champion!?

    One of the most challenging figure matches I’ve ever made! Couldn’t have done it without enlisting the help of my brother, this was only possible with two people as the ring constantly moves with the water which makes things very difficult, also shout out to the rest of my family for helping out on this big project!

  2. lol wht undertker lose hhh

  3. lol wht undertker lose hh

  4. 22:55 the epic,Lgend Wwe takerr aha

  5. Man I really thuaght it was gonna be a summer slam refrance and brick lesnar dose the F 5 to the shark

  6. This like the only match that didn’t make sense but I loved it

  7. Never saw you using basic figures before!!Bobby landed

  8. I love how no one asked where u got the ring

  9. Who else didn’t expense shrek to come 😂

  10. Can you please stop swearing! Our 5 year old son watches your videos and loves them because it inspires his play with his WWE figures every day. No matter how hard we try to restrict and filter the content on YouTube he keeps finding your videos and he’s heard words that he shouldn’t be hearing at his age. Can you please think about the influence that you have over young impressionable minds and be a better role model. Please. 🙏🏼

  11. how.d you do it with no ultimate or

    elite figure

  12. Wcw was cool but I’m a wwf attitude era dude had a lotta wrestling toys back in the day this is cool I love rvd

  13. Attitude era was the hit this is classic I wish I could find my toys ❤️ 🤼‍♀️

  14. 8:20 is super lol shrek is my vote because Shrek is there lol hahaha

  15. Why are you resiling on water

  16. It’s no such thing as a double Kooda bra

  17. This guy could gives us something that we can’t

  18. My mum says shout the hell up

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