Police disperse opposition rally in The Gambia

Police disperse opposition rally in The Gambia

Hundreds of opposition supporters in The Gambia denounce the results of the presidential election



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  1. What kind of nonsense is this but that what deserve

  2. Bad loosers these UDP tribalists

  3. What kind of nonsense is this udp and all the other polital parties need to respect the people and the prisident …this is very disrespectful

  4. UDP is always a problem party, this is way they don't win which lead Barrow to have 5 year again. Most of UDP supporters don't hold a voters card and they can't vote, they are too violent and most illiterates who don't know what they want for the country future. Majority of gambian who want the country future, better development infrastructure are (silent)

  5. No one can change the decision of God

  6. This is completely uncalled for

  7. That’s really fake results and they asked for their real results

  8. Foolish people look at this nonsense

  9. Side effects of democracy in Africa, no one concedes a loss.


  11. Just look at this? Looking for peace is better than this

  12. Good job they are all bunch of fools

  13. Pack them to jail foolish people

  14. Muhammad lamin you are saying what arrested them you don't go to school.and you are a bad Gambian yes no one pray for this maybe you can even help your family that is y you don't think good. Love Gambia and Gambian people's that is what we want for all Gambian

  15. Gambian police are big full because they don't know there jobe

  16. Foolish ppl and sore losers , demonstrating and causing chaos won't get you no where that guy won a landslide according to all election observers both locally and international including the opposition observers

  17. This negativity about them that is why people hate them and their party. The election was not even close

  18. Peace by means of fear and intimidation is not peace but, the makings of a collapse of rule.

  19. This whole thing is getting out of hand, I think people should calmly wait for the legal procedures rather going out for demonstration. Gambia is known for peace but that peace can be maintained base on our actions.

  20. Arrested them all and charge them.for public disorder and vandalism and sent them to jail

  21. No justice no peace the results were scam we will fight till end

  22. I think if they rejected the results they should go to the court, but not instigating violence.

Roots Afrikiko
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