PM of Barbados Again Puts BBC Reporter in Her Place as she Talks on Racism and Reparations

PM of Barbados Again Puts BBC Reporter in Her Place as she Talks on Racism and Reparations

Prime Minister of Barbados puts BBC Reporter in her place as she talks on racism and reparations…


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  1. Brits don't see the people of Barbados as people. They see them as maids.

  2. United we STAND, divided we FALL. Black people around the world need to unite and put our differences as a group on the back burner. Once we regain respect and compensation, then we smooth out the difference between individual countries.

  3. I agree with her standpoint

  4. Bull because this same woman was a big part In over throwing another Caribbean leader from Guyana, her and the Trump administration so the USA could put a military base on Venezuela’s border with Guyana

  5. It's very interesting the BBC reporter failed to mention that the UK Government compensated slave owners for the loss of property i.e. slaves yes Our ancestors.
    And the last payment was made in 2015.
    They chose that reporter to try and throw me off but it won't work on me anymore.
    These european countries wouldn't have anything without everything they are still stealing from us.
    Those condtional loans and aid they like to give us is STOLEN WEALTH from us.
    Time is coming for them to be held accountable for all the atrocities they caused.
    Justice is the highest form of spirituality and one way or another it will be served.

  6. The moment African leaders stop being imbisiles fighting for power, and focus on where African is supposed to be in this current era, I think the whole world will have a major paradigm shift and realize a time to sit back and watch has come. And I do have a feeling the time has just began.

  7. Freedom comes at the HIGHEST cost British people were paying 80 years ago today. Barbados still chooses to be part of the British commonwealth because it knows it's freedom is guaranteed.

  8. The PM of Barbados was not angry or offended by the reporters comments. The reporter did not say anything wrong. Click bait.

  9. Imperial parasitic nature of the fallen

  10. Love her, the same goes for india.

  11. Mom pm is great thank

  12. Stacy Abraham looks alike in Barbados!

  13. Proud of you mama, you said it as it is.

  14. That's not the part of the interview where she was put in her place. Look on youtube for the whole interview between those two

  15. Brillent women IQ must be around 240 high level we need these type women running the US 🇺🇸would be a huge 💕💕👸🏾🙏🏻improvement over👉🙏🏻 current Rep with these 🌹🌹💐💐low low IQ nothing ever ingenious about these people,Lord ⚰🪦⚰🇺🇲help us All,we need a,miracle in the world 🌎now Aman

  16. Talk truth madam bless up, Jamaican gov should follow Barbados in this movement🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  17. No puppet in Africa would dare stand up like this lady. I heard she just removed the queen as the 'Almighty' of her country. Kudos to her.

  18. The prime minister’s answer was exceptionally well put! She’s an obviously brilliant woman!
    What I don’t like is the dishonesty in the title of the video!!! The reporter was not put in her place.
    as the title says. She asked about the former colonists who would say, “ Your freedom is your reparations!”
    C’mon now! We are intelligent Black People who support the work on your channel, and we don’t need to be
    manipulated by underhanded tactics to click on your latest posting!

  19. Your speeches does sound aright and bright but check tens years from now Lord spear life and check see how much repatriation money blacks will get

  20. There's needs to be some kind of repayment period. Reparations sound like some type of hand out.


  22. They prospered and to continue to prosper from free labor of our ancestors. The paternal grandfather of the Bush family was an enslaver of Africans. They created a portion of the Bush family's wealth. There are many more instances. They prosper from the theft of natural resources from the Motherland and then label us the pirates. Inventions of enslaved Africans were patented by and were owned by the enslavers.

  23. They depleted our human resources, rape the mother land of its resources and her children, assassinated our brilliant minds and leaders. Then come with intellectual property right, to tell us we cannot innovate but must pay to use their patterns

  24. Lol she really thinks they gonna get reparations 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

    I wish my comment stays her for next 100 years… Man these fools take black people for a RIDEEE.

    They won't even give you a smile let alone MONEY…. And that too when the West is in decline? Good luck bud.

  25. What a load of bullshit! She was speaking hypothetically 🤦‍♂️

  26. How did she put the reporter in her place ?

  27. This lady right on point. How I wish if our Jamaican Prime Minister could take a page from her book and stand up like a man with some balls and not him alone but most Leaders of the African Continent. I admire leaders with some back bone who think of their cityzens as human beings and not only there to line their own pockets. Leaders like this Lady or natural treasure and should be protected by all cost. I wish the most high protect her in all her endeavours in life's journey Jah Bless her.

  28. Well said but our Kingdom will be established when Yahawashi (jesus Christ) returns and we will RULE. It's written in Revelation in the Bible.

  29. She is the standard measurement to literacy

  30. Title needs changing. The video shows nothing of the sort. The reporter was presenting a statement that was used for the Prime Minister to response to. The reporter was actually setting up the statement for the Prime Minister to hit a home run, and she did. Title is misleading and done for click bait.

  31. So the Slave owners were compensated but not the Slaves, where is the Justice!!

  32. I wish that I had been taught "Real History" what happened can't be changed but that which was taken and used to enrich the people who made money from what was taken return the wealth back so these countries can move their people forward

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