PLS Don't Watch This Movie If You Don't Have Feelings -MAURICE SAM &CHIOMA NWAOHA NEW 2024 NIG MOVIE

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PLS Don't Watch This Movie If You Don't Have Feelings -MAURICE SAM &CHIOMA NWAOHA NEW 2024 NIG MOVIE

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  1. Zara is a well spoken little girl. Life can throw us some curve balls. I cannot married a man that raped me. Esther passed on her ill treatment and frustration on that poor child. Any child that comes on this earth did not come on their own accord. Rape is a violation of a woman's body and her peace of mind. If she becomes pregnant she has to go through physical, emtional and mental drama. It is however in most cases that the child suffers the brunt of that mothers pain. That is why though wrong babies conceived as a result of rape are either aborted, abandoned or given up for adoption. I was raped in my twenties and i never told anyone because i thought it was my fault. I told my mom about it in my forties. Thank God i did not get pregnant. Because it would have put further strain on the relationship with my father and i , he would have definitely wanted me out of the house. I know of women that ill treated their children because the child/ren father left them and they took it out on these poor defenseless children by verbally abusing them, one woman even burnt her child with an electric iron to spite the child father and that conception was consensual. I'm not saying what she did was right but as hard as the beating and emotional abuse that child had to endure, was hard to watch. I felt the mothers pain when she spoke of her ordeal and because she couldn't take out her anger on the person that caused all her distress.her daughter did. There is so much to learn from children because even though Zara suffered at the hands of her mother, she still loved her and wanted a relationship with her.

  2. I Don't understand why the mother is so angry she was home all day why ZERA in school getting her education the mother should be very happy and grateful that she has a beautiful and smart daughter with good grades what kind of mother is that

  3. I haven't finished yet, but it's proving to be a very inspirational movie. Zara is such a great actress. I'm from the USA and would have been helpful to have English captions. Good job❣️

  4. I just finished watching this movie,it’s really a nice movie,please mothers we should stop putting blame on our children,because of the mistakes that we have made in the past,because children are great gift from God.I really felt sorry for the little zara she’s so beautiful,but at the end it’s was awesome.And a very big thanks to you all ❤ for this great movie,chatting from Sierra Leone 🇸🇱.