Peter Can't Believe A Pyramid Scheme Business Model's Being Pitched | Dragons' Den

Peter Can't Believe A Pyramid Scheme Business Model's Being Pitched | Dragons' Den

Next into The Den – Paul Lobo and Barry Ritchie pitching their ‘Air Oasis’ water purifier that…


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  2. Not like a dehumidifier….. A dehumidifier.

    That won’t work in a desert that’s for sure.

  3. "It's good old fashioned pyramid multi level direct marketing!".

  4. He couldn't make water into wine but made air into water yeah sounds like a scam

  5. Water out of air. Hmmm that would be a dehumidifier. Who wants to drink the moisture out of carpets walls and coaches.

  6. "Purest, freshest drinking water on the planet"….like a Himalayan mountain stream??

  7. "good ol fashion pyramid multi level direct marketing" needs to be on a t shirt

  8. He gives me Andy Bernard vibes from the office😅.

  9. these guys are a cancer to society,

  10. They tested the water quality at the beginning, yellow is good. At the end he said the water hadn't gone through the filters correctly due to the high temperature, how did the initial test pass then?

  11. Feel sorry for him you can tell He’s brainwashed and being used by Barry and lost 150k

  12. What appals me is that someone has invented and developed a machine that can bring clean water to places that need it and these scammers have acquired the distribution rights to try and profit from it by using unsuspecting people to make money for them. Horrible people.

  13. omg…and this 2 smucks are example on what are Brits fell 😂😂😂
    Making water from air? 😂😂

  14. Sooo a dehumidifier pyramid scheme 😂

  15. The Chuckle brothers are looking different.

  16. Ideal water is not yellow…

  17. got be the most sleaziest people to grace the dragons den

  18. there's too much blood in Barry's cocaine system

  19. this man said a UV light to disinfect the air-water. lmaoo

  20. I like the way peter jones said he has 10 million in the bank very few understand what that means … when people see a person is worth a 100 million they think they have that in the bank

  21. what is the difference with Herbalife and similars?

  22. Honestly though, Peter Jones' question (just before 9mins) is a bit ridiculous: every Dragons Den entry wants money and expertise from a Dragon: that's why they sell them a chunk of their company.

  23. Water electrolysis produces oxygen and hydrogen, it's not gonna change the color of it, I wouldn't drink that



  26. Barry is literally Michael Scott with how confident yet stupidly naive he is.

  27. Harassment beyond the graves. No excuses 😁
    Belive it or not i dont care at all. 😅

  28. Should of left Barry at home me thinks. A couple of young quiet attractive women would have had them fighting over investment

  29. Trotters independent traders comes to mind….

  30. Carbon footprint, there is no plastic here.
    Except the entire machine is made of plastic, which cannot be recycled, and made to sell but not last. So in 5 years this will be in a landfill, while those plastic water bottles are still being recycled to a degree.
    He is correct on the educating the public point, just not about this crappy product.

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