Pero Finally Replies Annie Idebia After Netflix Young Famous And African Series

Pero Finally Replies Annie Idebia After Netflix Young Famous And African Series


  1. My video about Ruth Matthews was taking very long to upload because it’s 1 hour 40 minutes long. I’ve been trying since 8pm to sort it out and I had to give up. It may still upload tonight or in the morning.

  2. Funny enough in some places if you are not a wife if you like have fifty sons they are never regarded as people will tell them off at the smallest issue. It happens so that explains why Yul Edochie married Judy to give her son that legal rights as his son. Forget civilisation it happens till tomorrow making the child to start battling with identity crisis all his life Annie love your step children well all of them leave the rest to God Sumbo kids calls you mama and that kind of love can be much stronger than biological kid's love it is well . Pero put yourself in Annie shoes and leave her to enjoy her marriage u might be destined for an ocean love from someone else but u are stuck in Tuface stream love taking crumbs from Annie's love meal you definitely deserve better Pero you are a queen

  3. 1. 2 face should be a better a man.
    2. What is 2 face showing young men and his sons🙃
    3. Stop telling women to be the bigger person and teach men to be better human beings

  4. Annie don't die before your time oh! There's nothing you can do about the situation than to accept it

  5. This is a lesson to chioma davidos wife and co

  6. I never know these ppl but your analysis is always so educational….love it 😍

  7. Men with low moral character will ALWAYS go after women who can tolerate them. ALWAYS.

  8. He is married to Annie and she deserves his respect, our respect, and his children's mother needs to also respect her. He has chosen her to be his wife. 2Baba please set the boundaries 🙏. I think Annie has a clean Heart ❤️

  9. The man Tuface is just a public 🐕

  10. It is very sad to hear people get judged for loving their spouse. Annie loves her husband and she has the right to speak her truth concerning her her marriage to enabled her deal with the betrayal and disappointment from her husband. Everyone keep speaking about tradition and what Annie and her girls stand to gain or loose after 2baba is no more, forgetting to addressing the real issue. As far as it seems 2baba is hopelessly in love with the woman he chose to be his wife, for the fact that he left Annie and tried to moved on after he became a famous person he went back to her and begged her forgiveness despite the fact the he had these other women who were pregnant and or having children for him. Lets not forget his family does not like Annie, therefore he was not pressured or force nor did anyone point a gun at his head to married Annie, he married her because he loved her from the bottom of his heart regardless who ever had babies for him out there. Pero is the baby mama regardless how many children she has for him.
    By tradition she’s the kept woman or second wife and it doesn’t matter the gender of her children she need to respect Annie. Pero does not know her place, she needs to stay in her own place and mind her business because Annie never did mention this woman’ name. Pero just like to be hears and seen. As for 2baba he need to make sure he has a “will” that will protect and provide for Annie and her children, Nigerians need to stop discriminating between girls and boys. They are all human beings regardless of their genders.
    So here are my questions:
    Does 2 baba love Pero?
    Is he always going back to her because of the boys, or is it because of the relationship she shared with his mother and the rest of his family? And at last I want to say to 2baba’s mother and the family, if you all truly appreciate care and love 2baba like you claim , you all will try to bring peace to his family.

  11. Have u also sat down to think about the fact that pero is stuck with the man and not ready to let go…

  12. 2face is the winner here, he does what makes him happy, life is too short, dood has lived his best life, those that chose to be misrable, that's on them not him💯

  13. So true the one with the first son matters first in Nigeria 🇳🇬

  14. Where is God in all of this😭

  15. Why is this lady even go into that toxic relationship its so sad ,,gal u so beautiful,u need happiness ,love can't you see this pero gal is still seeing your man that's why all the noise ,ur man is betraying your love and has in most cases broke your trust ,,wake up from your slumber gal .

  16. Annie may have 99 problems and Pero ain’t one of them. Who’s ever seen Pero on social media complaining of how she had 3 children and she was not wedded? Sister Annie, week therapy and leave the rest with God because this social media thing ain’t working.

  17. In my opinion no one comes 1st he is playing all of them..this whole situation benefits him alone

  18. Since you people have become relationship experts, why have you all failed to point out that Annie is 2face's wife, and by that mere fact every other woman both old and new should steer clear. Why all the fingers pointing at Annie?isn't she right to protect her home?and what's wrong with her being obsessively in love with her husband? Fir the fact that 2face is a cheat, does it make right for other women to not respect the fact he's married to one woman. Pero and every other woman he's extra marital affairs with should stay away from him, and at least have some respect for themselves. No matter how we twist it, 2baba is a married man, and married to only one woman, which is Annie, so let's stop trying to make excuses why it's ok for his exes to still be able stake a claim on him.

  19. Annie seems like a nice woman but let's be honest. She needs to be held accountable for her own life choices. She chose to get married to 2baba knowing who he is. Mayne in a way she benefits from the union because if i am not mistaken she mentioned something about going on trips to foreign places. I only found out about her on YFA but even i am now tired of hearing about this. TAKE INITIATIVE! Maybe part of her likes the victim role because she can use that to guilt trip her husband and wind up her friends. Zari herself was cheated on by diamond and he had a child with the woman. She didn't stick around. She dumped him on Instagram and moved on with life. If only those two were friends……

  20. Annie should stop pretending she knew what she was doing when she entered.

  21. This is the only person that has made sense.

  22. Annie is broken but cannot leave 2face.God help her

  23. The man is the elephant in the room . The world is biased. Pls can we respect ourselves more us women. Leave when the love is not reciprocated. Yall should be fighting the man not among yourselves as women. We should rather be one.

  24. In saying that she “ HAS” to accept, I hope you yourself would be ready to accept that situation too… so easy to see clearly when it is someone else’s experience…….

  25. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  26. Was just wondering how this Pero has endured for so long in this entanglement of a relationship by continuing to produce 3 children with Tuface despite him getting married to Annie even though she was the first one to bear a child for him before Annie….it’s shocking how a woman will keep on having children to a man who left her to marry another woman!🙄🙄

  27. I think the content creator is biased about Annie. Life, love and marriage happened to Annie. She is the African queen.

  28. In the words of Micheal Jackson, so Annie are you ok, Annie are you ok, are you ok Annie? you’ve been hit by a smooth criminal.

  29. You reviews in pidgin left me howling and toppling over in laughter 😂😂

  30. This is common and at the end of the day Annie is his 1st wife the other women are also his women just not or will be a 1st wife so it doesn’t negate the fact that Annie and HER husband have history and remain in the marriage and or relationship. Now Annie never claimed she’s in a delusional marriage she’s in Love and sometimes love is mistaken as a possession Love is many things including forgiveness and tolerance.

  31. 3 is no mistake🤷‍♂️

  32. Thank you sister me. This issue is seropious some of us are termed proud cos we don't care

  33. Annie should pray 🙏 and move on. It is not the end of the world. God has a better man for her.

  34. Annie should respect herself first.

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