Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al (Official Video)

Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al (Official Video)

Official video for “You Can Call Me Al” by Paul Simon
Listen to Paul Simon:…


  1. Graceland… Um dos albums que tanto nos acompanhou, e sempre nos acompanhará, nestas nossas andanças de Aqui e de Além… Saudade…

  2. How in the hell do you go from "Sound of Silence" to this garbage, I'll never understand. Awful.

  3. As a child I wondered, " What the hell is the point of this song ?" As an adult, I still can't figure it out. Especially the music video. Was this supposed to be funny ? Because it's not. At all. IT'S just really stupid. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy both Paul Simon, and Chevy Chase, but this song is purposeless. Was it for a movie I missed ? 🤔

  4. The song that plays when you're watching a streamer named NeoCranium

  5. One of the best albums….ever!

  6. Chevy just said listen to me al, my name is Paul…that's all fun and games but this is my song asshole I'll sick Dan akroyd on you. Thus a classic was made

  7. Chevy is causing Paul to give off big Rick Moranis vibes in this video.

  8. Y'all are dumb that is Chevy chase Paul Simon is the short guy.

  9. My soul is flying, shouldn't this music be on subscription 😉

  10. This song will always be a favorite.. Ever since I was a little girl.😍

  11. This is literally my favorite song ever. I was kid when it came out and it my name in it…lol.

  12. When I listen and I close my eyes, I picture Chevy Chase leading a cruise ship conga line. Am I the only one?

  13. Having never seen this music video before and stumbling across this while trying to find this song without knowing the name…

    I honestly spent the first few minutes thinking that was Chevy Chase and this was going to be some kind of quantum leap song parody

  14. Love this song and the video is top notch too, love Chevvy sitting there and pretending he's singing while Paul just looks confused and goes walkabout haha.

  15. Is Paulsimon one of those one word name pop stars like Madonna ,Prince ,Adele,Georgemichaels ?

  16. a good time had by all….thank you Paul n Chevy and crew

  17. Anyone notice at 1:35 when he sits the drink down it just falls through to the floor lol. Interesting I'd love to hear Paul explain that little funny bit. I bet they got a kick out of watching that part several times over in the studio.

  18. Me and my step dad go around calling each other Rollie pollie little bat faces girls 😂 and my name is Aly so when he calls me he calls me al 😉

  19. This is easily the best thing Chevy Chase ever did

  20. Gavin says : anything Paul Simon or Simon and Garfunkel gets me going!!

  21. It's like they are trying to entertain a baby with no other ways around to make it quit crying lol

  22. is that chevy chase on the right?

  23. I saw this video when I was a kid. I asked my mom why the dad from Christmas vacation was singing a song with this short dude 😂😂😂 she was like he not singing the song, I didn't understand at the time what she was saying lol. Great song, love the video, now as I'm older I understand how this happened 😂

  24. For some reason, every time I listen to this song, I get a huge urge to put on a tropical shirt, grab some shades, and have a nice long walk along the beach 🏝. Some 80s songs have that effect on me, I don’t know why lol 😂

  25. Gonna boogy down the aisle at my wedding to this song

  26. Fun fact: when the song came out, I was at an age where I JUST started getting into music and had never seen Paul Simon (nor did I know Chevy Chase). So this joke went miles over my head. "So, there is a guy singing his song. Ok."

  27. Still loving this in 2022 🙂 😀 God bless u all 😀 🙏

  28. Very cute. Haven't seen this video in 20 years! There difference in height is also adorable how they kind of make fun of themselves. Terrific!

  29. It's August 7. 2022. I'm listening to this SONG!

  30. Love ❤ 😍 this song it never gets old

  31. classic,dancing around kitchen pretending to play sax,Legend.

  32. Love love love it! Have loved this song for many many years and is wonderful to dance to. Love Paul Simon and all music xxx 😊❤️

  33. 1:55 he just drops the glass of water


  35. this makes me so happy to watch, i grew up with Paul Simon because my parents would play his music growing up, and You Can Call me Al has always been one of my favorites. Though I’m not a fan of Chevy Chase, these two make a funny pair for sure

  36. Bass players – was his finger work for real here?

  37. 2022 and still Instantly transported!

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