Our Voices 519: Succeeding as a Single Mom

Our Voices 519: Succeeding as a Single Mom

On this episode of Our Voices, we celebrate Mother’s Day honoring mothers who have managed to thrive as single parents. We hear their challenges in raising a family while working full-time and discuss ways to succeed as a single mom.


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  1. Doctor Zoe!!
    Am so proud of you.
    As a sister, as a mother, and above all as a persistent person.
    I know with your positivity you shall get so much done.
    I wish you all the best in everything that you’re doing.
    To all the single mothers out there, you’re Angels much as you don’t have your wings.
    Thanks VOA

  2. Thank you VOA – Africa, Our Voices for hosting me and the other women to share our experiences, perspectives and learnings.

  3. One thing y'all may need to consider is the supposed family structure in Africa vs in the diaspora. The diaspora has built in support systems like child support whereas those same systems may not exist in African societies. I raised my kids as a single dad or " Mr. mom" in America but being from Africa, I had some learning to do with respect to the American expectations on the basic needs that a child should be afforded. I was fortunate enough to be able to go above and beyond those basic needs. I think the biggest advice for people relocating to the US from Africa is that they have to adjust upwards from basic societal expectations in Africa to a different basal line in America. Minimum wage in America is not a good place to be and expect to raise children comfortably. Coming from Africa though, when they hear you make $ 10.00 an hour, 40 hrs a week, to them $ 400.00 is a college graduate's monthly salary e.g. in Kenya. They fail to make that adjustment upwards. I hope this helps your cause.

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