Operation Mincemeat | Official Trailer | Netflix

Operation Mincemeat | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hoping to change the course of World War II, and save tens of thousands of lives, two…


  1. I saw this tonight and to be honest, it's not that good. Anyone who has read the book will know what the inaccuracies are but while I"m prepared to overlook a few things, some of it doesn't come off that well. Colin Firth is an acceptably good actor but he's nothing like Ewan Montagu. That's partly the casting director's fault and partly the scriptwriter. Montagu was a pretty highly-strung character and had a tendency to go off on occasions. Colin Firth is nothing like that, even in the more intense parts of the movie. Matthew McFadyen, by contrast, was pretty good. He was what I imagined Charles Cholmondeley to be like – spectral, focused and unafraid to go it alone. Jason Isaacs is usually pretty watchable (His role as Zhukov in The Death of Stalin" was unforgetable) as Admiral Godfrey but I wouldn't say that role challenged him much.

    I thought Kelly McDonald (Mary in "Gosford Park) was badly miscast, probably as badly as Colin Firth was. Her role just didn't work for me. She just lacked any sparkle as Jean Leslie while Penelope WIlton was pretty good, though she never really gives the impression of being as iron fisted as Hester Leggett apparently was. A few side characters were entertaining. Mark Bonnar (from "Shetland") was quite funny as the drunken, short-sighted rally driver Jock Horsfall. Johnny Flynn was useful as Ian Fleming.

    There were a few things about it that didn't sit well with me. This constant hagiography of Winston Churchill in British movies wore very thin very fast. Nothing wrong with Simon Russell-Beale, though he made little attempt to sound like the man. Just that Churchill had little to do with it. And by overegging the pudding, a more important point went begging. They didn't cover the involvement of Louis Mountbatten, which was critical to the ruse. He actually wrote one of the letters himself. A classic case of spoiling the ship for a ha'porth of tar.

    Also left out were a couple of opportunities for some very wry humour. Bentley Purchase (played by Paull Ritter in his final role) was a very funny man, especially for a coroner. That went missing, as did the incident where Horsfall drove straight over a roundabout at top speed on his way to Scotland, almost wrecking the operation. He apparently refused to wear glasses.

    Overall, this was a bit disappointing. There were areas where it worked well but others where it got quite dull.

  2. I watched this film on a long haul flight yesterday.
    Overrated rubbish. Extremely poorly storyboarded and dull and difficult to maintain attention to. Firth is nothing remotely like Montagu. The entire love triangle thing was pathetic and I suspect fabricated. There was no reason to make a big deal out of the involvement of the young Ian Fleming. And no mention of Sardinia. Well acted, but the director was asking them to be uninteresting.
    Honestly: Films have declined in quality over the last 20 years. Directors have become reliant upon production over good direction.

  3. Why can't I see Operation Mincemeat in Pakistan?

  4. So is this on netflix or what, or do i go to the cinema right now.

  5. bruh is it out of netflix now cuz I can't find it when I wanted to watch and I don't think it was available for Indian netflix

  6. This movie has 2 Darcys and a Knightley…. NICE!!

  7. love seeing Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen together on a film. really excited for this film.

  8. The multiverse of pride and prejudice

  9. Was the dead man in the Marine Corpse?…

  10. The real story is all over YT. This is truly something uniquely British.

  11. both darcy's in one movie together i can't handle this

  12. What is the name of the soundtrack?

  13. Amazing film! 5/5 stars ⭐️

  14. better film than The Man That Never Was. Excellent. May watch again 2x in 24 hours! Great cast!

  15. NO THANKS. WATCHED 2 MINS AND SEEN SCENE AFTER SCENE OF SMOKING CIGARETTES. NOT GONNA SIT AND WATCH A SUBVERSION COMMERCIAL FOR THE TOBACCO COMPANIES. I came to watch a movie. Not be exposed to commercial propaganda. At least save me the insult and just run a ticker tape cigarette commercial at the bottom. SHAME . ART BEING LOST FOR COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS.

  16. What is the song in the trailer?

  17. I am curious if people are willing to rent a nearby home theater to their place to truly experience this cinematic movie rather than watching it on a cell phone or TV. Thoughts?

  18. not yet available in hk ??!!

  19. jesus this movie was kinda boring.. if you're looking for action, skip this. it's mainly just talking with little to no suspense lol

  20. I have searched it on my Netflix account but couldn't find it. Anyone can tell me the reason?

  21. We sure this wasn’t written about United States? 🤦‍♀️.. just kidding. But this is straight Divided states of America style. We have overthrown so many governments. Lied about the reason for so many wars. Guess it’s not just us.

  22. British Intelligence to fool the Germans

  23. A time when people fought against socialism. Brave men!

  24. Wait, Churchill isn't black? Netflix, what's wrong with you?

  25. What no woke cast in this one? I'll pass I haven't gotten my daily dose of crap yet.

  26. Is Matthew Goode only narrating or is he in the movie too?

  27. Anyone else a little Mr. Darcy confused?

  28. Sad that this is not available in Netflix India

  29. I watched Netflix's version of this story last night. It was terrible. The two other movies about the operation were well done. But, for starters, the Netflix version is historically inaccurate. It shows the sister of Glyndwr Michael complaining about how his brother is being treated. The book about the operation, by Ben Macintyre, which is very accurate and complete, doesn't mention anything about Michael's sister. Also, Michael did NOT have a beard.

    But just as important, the Netflix movie is boring. It covers very little about the interesting preparation of the body, or about how it was delivered to Spain, and how the Germans were fooled. Instead, the movie consists mainly of talk between many different people about what they think should be done. It's one of the most unfulling movies I've ever seen.

  30. Mincemeat swallowed. Rod, line, and sinker.

  31. They were using cryptography based on Apache language. I can't believe people crowded field is full of machines.

  32. Terrible movie. Such a shame since the source material is fascinating.

  33. If only we could go back stop the plague known as Israel from ever happening to begin with

  34. One of the best recruitments in history
    A dead man, who saved tens of thousands of people

  35. Isn't available in my country fck

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