Ooni Steps Out For The 1st Time This Year As He Participate In Oshoosi Festival,Got People Talking

Ooni Steps Out For The 1st Time This Year As He Participate In Oshoosi Festival,Got People Talking

Ooni Steps Out For The 1st Time This Year As He Participate In Oshoosi Festival,Got People Talking
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  1. Very good, the king has done himself and his people well.. By walking it it,..

  2. Righteousness exalt a nation but sin is a reproach to any nation that forsake God for fetism and idol worshiping.

  3. we all believe in something. judge not!! let them believe in their deity. As we can see they are happy.😊

  4. The only to sovereign God Almighty is through ELA.
    Ela is the only child of Olodumare [God]
    That Ela is Jesu Christ the only son of God. 🙏

  5. This is where prophetess Noami found herself. God deliver us.

  6. The king 👑 is recognise by his people than the president of my country

  7. Shame on the Ife people, the Ooni himself is coming and they can’t clean the gutters and cut the grass on the sides of the road he is going to pass through????

    It seems the Ooni himself doesn’t care for the masses despite the adulation they have for him!

    Come to think of it, what do ANY of our traditional rulers/leaders do for the people???

    Maintaining culture and traditions are all well and good, but WE WANT advancement, progressiveness and modernity too !

  8. My best royal father, i just love him he is truly the father of yorubas. May God bless you always sir.

  9. Arole Oodua performing his duty as the custodian of Yoruba Land require by Tradition. Got people talking as how??


  11. Some are saying
    What in the basket is human’s head
    For your info, it’s not. It just the head of their god which to were going to do sacrifice for, wood caved one, his historical remembrance, hope you gat it??😳

  12. Is good to do our culture

  13. Now who agrees to offer his head or they just kill person innocently?

  14. What is God forbid,it their tradition and he his doing his role

  15. Im an american , out of curiousity, wats going on here ???

  16. May Allah have mercy upon you people.

  17. حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

  18. What the fuck are they worshipping??

  19. Thank for God for Jesus who came and pay the price. My people you don't need any ritual again because Jesus has paid it all. The only way you be free the cluches of this, is to Know Jesus. Jesus died on the cross to shed his blood for you and I. So, forsaken idols and accept Jesus as your personal Lord and savior. Jesus only is enough for you and I.

  20. Expliqué moi svp je ne comprend pas la langue englais

  21. These people will go to church after the ceremony, may God forgive us our sins🙏🇬🇭

  22. I taught d wife is a minster of the gospel

  23. Jesus is Lord they need Salvation 🙏 🙏 🙏

  24. You walking around with a head represent of a man wtf does that do with God. Smh allu in that world sick .whether the head is real or fake that's not how you give back to God.God doesn't want blood or any form of killing in order to prove you are loyal to him .I am black but for seeing them shit whether is there culture but am black and I got a mind this is fucking fuckris

  25. i watched, but never liked or subscribed to your channel. you think and act smart not other way dummies …

  26. What's that's.. 😯Ohh God

  27. The only solution to Yoruba and the global problems is serving the only true and mighty God Yahweh. No amount of sacrifice can save except the one Christ has made.

  28. I thought Lagos police men were arresting those doing night clubs for breaking covid 19 rules. The same police is seen protecting many people not wearing mask and obeying the social distance rules

  29. I like the parade and will like to partake

  30. Is that not a real human head? Evil people saving dirt and evil.

  31. Que dieu vous guide dans le droit chemin ameen

  32. All I saw here is demonic sheeeesh

  33. I am not from Nigeria but I love what he's doing Glory to our great Ancestors

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