“Only An Idiot Can D!e Of Hunger” Says Foreign Affairs Minister Henry Oryem

Wongel Zelalem reports on Uganda’s Foreign Affairs Minister Henry Okello Oryem sparking uproar after interview goes viral.



  1. Most retarded thing I have heard in a while, did give me a good chuckle despite the not so funny conditions of these poor individuals who are suffering.
    It’s on the same level of that woman who said “If you’re homeless, just buy a house.” 😂

  2. He is an idiot, he has no understanding of being unable to farm or ability to have good health . That's why them African get dragged by the French and the west even China looks at this minister is an idiot and the funny ting is he doesn't even know it.

  3. we people leaders like that here in Tanzania 🇹🇿. Usually they work for president not citizens.
    they will bad mouth citizens for the serious issues to be to be addressed.
    they will be preaching "self-employed"

  4. Only an idiot would sit there and talk mess while watching his people d!e from hunger and not make sure they are taught how to survive. He definitely could stand to miss a few meals himself.

  5. Are all people educated in agriculture? Do they all have access to land? It would be career suicide for an American politician to refer to a constituency as "idiots." Smh

  6. Well, looking at his physique tells me that he’s the “Idiot of Gluttony!” Males, such as this (he’s NOT a man), are the greatest threat to the Continent’s freedom from oppressors!!! It’s time to relieve him of his duties!🤨✊🏾


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