On Sammie Okposo Ch*ating, Lady And Kemi Olunloyo Speaks X Mercy Aigbe Again X Ned Nwoko Vs Jaruma

On Sammie Okposo Ch*ating, Lady And Kemi Olunloyo Speaks X Mercy Aigbe Again X Ned Nwoko Vs Jaruma

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  1. Nigeria oye, women leave men alone,
    Most of these men a dragged by the jezebel called women.
    Why are these women always trying to destroy people marriages, it shall never be well with them.

  2. What is a serious or committed Christian?
    You are either obe or not.

  3. How are people still allowing Timi have access to young girls 🤦

  4. First thing I would buy is an estate that would bring me residual income with that 15M

  5. 15m frist buy a house and then open a little shop

  6. God created the world and rested,created man and rested but since God created woman neither God nor man has rested

  7. That is what is doing now

  8. If im given the money, i will first of all spoil my loved ones. Get my Wife and Mum new rides i guess.

  9. This Mummy OG na real criminal, no Cap!

  10. This kemi olunloyo sounds so ridiculous and stupid. How does a nickname African doll make her look promiscuous and whatever. Kolomental

  11. In western world religious houses are regulated,even no loud speakers outside and they pay taxes and are investigated incase any complain about them,Africa need to start doing the same.we are tired of this scammers

  12. Thank you for the update. We will be here watching all the gbas gbos since the internet has become people's first and last option

  13. Abraham thank you for the update , this 2022 will be hot ooo we never even enter half way. Regarding polygamy if the guy marry more thank one ,a woman should have the same option.

  14. Let Ned give jaruma the money Regina took and her family back to jaruma it going to far for him as old man in the middle

  15. Bruh, anytime I hear this Kemi girl speak I just get irritated

  16. That is nit the solution, if she wasn't happy, she should have just leave. Now she is going to spend time in prison.

  17. I agree too many fake pastors misleading innocent people.

  18. That is rubbish, a man can have 4 wife's at home, he will still cheat.

  19. About Sammie okposo: if the lady haven’t gotten pregnant 🤰 no one would’ve known about their relationship.

    Asking her for an abortion isn’t helping his case either.

  20. If given $15 million, I’m buying a houses to rent out. Probably go into farming as well.

  21. Why are these useless fellow called men do say "Men should get married to two or more wives and women should learn how to tolerate themselves" Huh! Really? So bcus women are so loyal to you men that's why u wanna take advantage of them! We are all human beings, no one wants to get hurt by his/her partner.! All nah corruption make una stop am jorrr! 🤨🤨.

  22. I will buy houses and lands

  23. Dictatorship is never a solution to anything. You cannot use a wrong move to make a correction. This has always been the excuse of all evil despot…."I am doing it for good". Freedom to believe whatever you want must be respected. Crimes committed by religious leaders must be prosecuted by government. The Rwanda leader is wrong. Don't support dictatorship.

  24. 15m in 2hours….I go buy Ethereum sharp sharp

  25. Some of them are real born again.

  26. I’m not sure if going to theology school is the solution, but I do think churches should be shut down if they do anything out of line!

    QOTD: With $15M, I’m buying land, land and more land.

  27. QOTD: I will give the 10% to charity . Ned Nwoko si abusing Jaruma, the money power is still working in naija. Dear LORD have mercy on us.

  28. Thank you for the update Abraham.
    Sammie’s pregnant woman- At that age, she can most likely afford to take care of the baby on her own, so there is no point in having an abortion.

  29. I understand the women that killed the man
    Cheating to me is the ultimate betrayal in a marriage. I see it very serious. But definitely not worth killing for leaving your children for.

  30. I always remember to LIKE all your videos even before watching bru

  31. Am getting a house cos it's an asset

  32. Honestly Nigeria government needs to look into this thing called church in Nigeria is getting out of hand

  33. I click the like button before I watch the video, I was waiting for your video impatiently and checking youtube constantly and finally…………………………..

  34. I will pay for properties with the $15m

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